Good Omen Bottling, LLC Sings Wild Tonic’s ‘Meteroic Rise’

Cottonwood, AZ (June 28, 2017) — Good Omen Bottling, LLC., the manufacturer of the Wild Tonic®, the nation’s most sophisticated and subtle organic Jun Kombucha announces its “meteoric rise.” Founded in 2015 by passionate artist and brewer Holly Lyman, the progressive young company continues to grow, pioneering not only kombucha but also a whole new class of alcoholic kombucha.

Ms. Lyman describes her company as an “organic creation that grew from a passion for fermentation and the art of brewing along with an interest in helping save the bees.” And regarding the company’s exponential development, Lyman again alludes to Nature. “It has been an absolute joy to cultivate Wild Tonic®,” she added “like a bee is drawn to a blossoming flower, Wild Tonic® attracts very passionate people, those that will nurture it.”

Wild Tonic® Chief Executive Officer Steven L. Siegel reports the company is “so well received that we are continually analyzing and increasing our production to stay ahead of the curve.  In 12 months, we have nearly quadrupled our national representation.”  Currently, Wild Tonic® Jun Kombucha is carried by over 1000 retailers in 41 states, from major food retailers to restaurants and bars.  “Locally,” Siegel continues, “visitors can enjoy Wild Tonic at Bright Angel Bicycles & Café at Mather Point in Grand Canyon National Park, as well as elect retailers throughout Arizona.  We are also in negotiations with several prominent organizations, which will broaden our reach.  That said, we are cultivating a pool of talented professionals seeking the challenging and rewarding opportunities offered by this fast-paced company.”

About Wild Tonic and Good Omen Bottling

At Wild Tonic®, our uncompromising commitment to quality and unbridled passion for innovation and bee conservation informs all that we brew!  Whether fermenting our unique variety of Jun Kombucha with honey rather than sugar, or pioneering brewing processes that maximize the integrity of probiotics, within each cobalt blue glass bottle lies the most exquisitely crafted energy elixir you’ve ever experienced.

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