Harvest Soul Organic Unveils New Look

Harvest Soul Organic is proud to unveil a new packaging design highlighting its unique whole food beverage line of blended vegetable and fruit juices. The rich and vibrant designs bring focus to the creativity, high quality and healthy ingredients that go into their delicious whole food beverages. The project was led by Harvest Soul’s marketing team and Boise-based Foerstel Design, a branding and design firm specializing in natural and organic products. New packages will hit shelves over the next several months.

Harvest Soul’s whole food beverages bring something new and fresh to a juice category predominantly made up of high sugar, low fiber cold-pressed juices. Because Harvest Soul Organic’s juices are blended, not pressed, natural fiber and nutrients are retained, not juiced away. The company consciously tries to use all of the whole fruits and vegetables to give consumers a truly nutrient-rich experience, with each bottle delivering up to 25% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Essential levels of dietary fiber are known to be lacking in the American diet, and are critical to overall health and wellness. The Company also doesn’t use concentrates, added flavors or sugars, and begins each recipe with vegetables, not fruits like most other juices.

During the development process, Harvest Soul commissioned consumer research to measure the strength of its new design and direction on purchase intent. The new packaging and whole food beverage concept tested extremely positively among regular juice drinkers, with 93% saying they would definitely or probably buy the product.   Consumers liked the vibrant package design and nutrient-rich nature of the whole food beverages. The company also freshened up its logo, while retaining its iconic “leaf/heart” imagery further supporting the company’s farm-to-bottle values.

“Our ingredients and our process are the heroes, so we wanted to really show them off on our new packaging,” said Kevin P. Quirk, Harvest Soul CEO. “Consumers appreciate how healthy our juices really are when compared to typical high sugar/low fiber pressed juices.  Whole food beverages really are the next huge opportunity in juices.”

The Blended lineup includes 4 flavors in 12 ounce BPA-free bottles: Sweet Green, Island Fruit, Sunrise Berry and Celery Beet. All Harvest Soul juices are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and gluten-free, and are high pressure processed for freshness.

About Harvest Soul, LLC

Harvest Soul, LLC creates organic, non-GMO blended whole food beverages from some of the world’s healthiest ingredients. Blended, not pressed, Harvest Soul Organic juices are all high in natural fiber, normally lost in the juicing process. They blend superfood vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious foods to make uniquely delicious and healthy beverages. Harvest Soul does not add concentrates, sweeteners, flavors or waters.  All Harvest Soul products are HPP Fressurized™, preserving “straight from the harvest” freshness and nutrients not possible with heat pasteurization. The Company owns its own facility, ensuring consistent and unwavering quality.  Harvest Soul juices feed the body, mind and soul. For more information, please visit: www.harvestsoul.com. Join us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.