iXL Electrolytes + Amino Acids Debuts New Look

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sportables LLC, a Midwest based leader in performance beverages, has announced a major rebrand for its flagship premium hydration brand iXL. The company unveiled the attractive new packaging and messaging across the region this week.

Sportables partnereixil-bottlesd with Proof Positioning a research based positioning firm to conduct consumer surveys, analyze data, and assist with crafting the new positioning and brand narrative.

“We hit the five year mark this year, so it was a great time to step back and evaluate how our positioning, messaging and packaging was aligning with our loyal purchasers and how ultimately we could leverage these insights into gaining new customers,” said CEO Mark Davis.

The summer-long research study was designed to be objective and entirely data driven. Davis adds, “When we broke down the data we didn’t just get insight into why consumers love our product but we were able to drill down to what is most important to them. The key feedback from the surveys was how fast iXL makes people feel better and how it helps them. Our electrolyte system incorporates a unique blend of amino acids which is designed for rapid delivery and increased absorption, so when ‘hydrates my body quickly’ scored so high on the surveys it made total sense. It was at that point we realized our zero sodium/high potassium proposition was still important but that it should become secondary messaging. Our new messaging does a great job of communicating the consumer benefit and our new packaging is appealing to this informed consumer.”

Grant Gooding, CEO at Proof, added, “We rarely see a CPG product that had as many emotionally significant attributes as we saw with iXL. Their customers are truly passionate about their product and their stories of how iXL impacted their life were far-ranging which is both surprising and remarkable. There was a clear trend in the data which indicated athletes and active consumers that drink iXL had a disproportionately higher understanding of nutrition which is what led us to the creation of a new customer segment, the ‘Informed Athlete.’”

The new iXL is currently available in all ready-to-drink single serve and box packaging formats for the grocery and club channels, while new powder drink mix packaging will be released nationally in the industrial channel in early 2017. HYDRATES FAST is the primary call-out on packaging while secondary messaging speaks to the higher potassium-zero sodium combination and the drink’s impact on muscle cramping and fatigue.

About Sportables LLC

Sportables LLC is a functional beverage company that markets iXL Electrolytes + Amino Acids and WORKOUT™ tea, a new performance tea clinically proven to reduce muscle soreness, improve performance, and reduce recovery time through a plant-powered patented ingredient. www.drinkiXL.com www.getWORKOUTtea.com

About Proof Positioning

Proof Positioning is a Kansas City research based positioning firm that uses customer surveys to learn what is in the hearts and minds of the market so that brands can make more informed business decisions. www.proofpositioning.com