KOPU Sparkling Water Launches in SoCal

Los Angeles, Calif. (September 19, 2017) — Now available at premium outlets throughout Southern California, KOPU (KOPUWater.com) has reinvented the sparkling water category. Packaged within sleek and resealable aluminum bottles, KOPU offers an unmistakably pure taste that is infused with champagne-like bubbles, delivering a distinct, velvety hydration experience. KOPU is sourced from ancient and precious aquifers thousands of feet below dormant volcanoes of New Zealand’s pristine Bay of Plenty.

More than an effervescent and delectable beverage, KOPU stands for its mission to uphold eco-friendly business practices. Justin Mahy, a proud Kiwi by birth, along with his wife Mindy, founded KOPU and could not resist delivering the pure sparkling water of New Zealand to their new home in California.

The choice to start a high-end sparkling water brand inspired by the beauty of its origins went hand-in-hand with staying true to their commitment to helping to build a sustainable planet. KOPU’s signature Paraiba aluminum bottles, complete with an image of the Bay of Plenty and the rising Morning Star, represent sustainability and offers a superior choice to glass or plastic.

“We designed KOPU, from the refreshing sparkling water, to the attractive and functional bottle, for people on-the-go. It’s convenient, hydrating, and at the same time, delicious. Now, we are on to the best part, sharing KOPU and the philosophy behind it with our neighbors,” Mindy said.

Aluminum almost never finds a landfill. In fact, due to its value 75-percent of all aluminum ever created remains in active circulation today. Contrast that to less than 1% for glass and plastic. By virtue of its light weight and durability, aluminum transports more efficiently, whether in shipments or along on a hike. The handy and resealable bottles are striking and convey an instant statement about making conscientious decisions for the health of the planet.

KOPU Sparkling Water is currently available in gourmet grocers in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Brentwood, Venice and Hollywood with an MSRP of $2.79 for a 12oz. bottle. There are plans to launch a 23oz. bottle in October 2017. A full list of locations can be found at kopuwater/locations. As the brand expands across the region, look for KOPU bottles to be a badge of honor and endorsement of natural beauty, elegant taste and environmental stewardship.

About KOPU Water

We are led by a simple belief: purity is the ultimate luxury. Sourced from pristine aquifers flowing beneath New Zealand’s dormant volcanoes, KOPU Water is as pure as the Morning Star herself. From the gently effervescent taste to our eco-friendly bottle, KOPU provides an opulent experience both you and the planet. Stay connected and share your KOPU adventures @kopuwater.