Nuun Debuts Natural Endurance Drink Mix Based on the Latest in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Seattle, WA (April 5, 2017) – Nuun® and company, the leading sports drink brand in sports specialty and natural foods retail, is introducing Performance, the cleanest endurance drink mix formulated from science and rooted in nature, designed for sustained and intense activities. The nuun team partnered with world-renowned Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist Stacy T.  Sims, PhD to use the latest understanding of how athletes’ systems react under stress, to create a hydration product that is lighter and yet more effective than what has been available. Pure ingredients and Non-GMO Project Verified sourcing contribute to the superior absorption and minimized gastric impact. Performance will be debuted at nuun’s expo presence at the Boston Marathon April 13th– 16th and Sea Otter Classic April 20th – 23rd and will begin being served on course at events this summer.

“We challenged ourselves to do what no other sports drink has done. The nuun team wanted to create a product that delivered superior performance without compromising the pure sources that ultimately hydrate you,” said Kevin Rutherford, nuun President and CEO.  “The reality is that we are not as smart as nature which is why this product is the perfect blend of sports science and natural foods.”

Recent nutrition science has focused on how to aid the body to more effectively absorb fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes during intense, longer duration exercise where stomach function is compromised. Traditional sports drinks contain excess sugars, “fillers”, and other ingredients that are detrimental to performance.  Nuun Performance was formulated with the precise ratio of multiple sources of clean carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to maximally absorb what you are consuming during activity.

Performance is the only product to use multiple non-gmo sugar sources, dextrose and sucrose. The combination activates multiple absorption pathways and eliminates the build up of gastric distress. A fifth electrolyte, chloride, has also been added through potassium chloride given its rapid assimilation into the body. Chloride plays a key role in hydration at the cellular level and is needed for the absorption of fluid during prolonged activity.

“I am very honored to partner with nuun to continue to evolve the sports drink industry, and Performance is a culmination of everything I have learned through my over 20 years of research in sport nutrition,” added Stacy T. Sims PhD. “The selection and purity of ingredient sourcing supports the latest research, and this line strategically maximizes fluid absorption and minimizes cellular stress in the digestive system during exercise.”

Performance is formulated to work for your body with ingredients that are as close to nature as possible, compromising nothing, from the farm to the bottle. The flavoring is provided from dried fruit powder through an innovative process that maximizes the fruits bioavailability not requiring any fillers. It is also sourced with vegan cane sugar as opposed to the widely used conventional sugar that is processed through bone char. Demonstrating nuun’s external commitment to sourcing purity, all ingredients are third party certified as Non-GMO Project Verified and Informed Choice – Safe for Sport.

“We learned from the latest nuun tablet formulas that using the purist sources of ingredients allows the body to process and utilize them more efficiently while limiting the amount of surplus within the product.” shared Vishal Patel, nuun Chief Nutritionist. “This methodology was applied to Performance creating a higher performing, lighter hydration powder than was previously available on the market.”

Consumer preferences are changing amongst athletes and there is a movement across the country toward natural sports nutrition products for use during training and competition.  Major events are reflecting this trend, shifting to plant-based, low sugar, electrolyte rich and environmentally friendly brands like nuun and away from artificial, high sugar products on course. Performance demonstrates nuun’s commitment to the health conscious athlete and the race directors that are serving this significant population. The line will be served on course at nuun sponsored marathons and cycling events over the next year including Seattle to Portland, San Francisco Marathon, the Aids Lifecycle Ride, Long Beach Marathon, NYC Century, and Austin Marathon.

Nuun Performance is debuting with two flavors – Mango Orange and Blueberry Strawberry. It will be sold in a 16-serving pouch for $19.99 and single serve sachets for $1.99.  The line will be available in April across sports specialty retailers including REI, Performance Bike and Fleet Feet.

About nuun & company 
nuun, based in Seattle, WA, is on a mission to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so that everyone can achieve life’s next personal best. As the pioneer of electrolyte enhanced drink tablets, nuun is passionate about and committed to replenishing active people and our planet by using clean ingredients and practices in the great tasting and industry leading sports drink. Founded in 2004, nuun was the first to separate hydration from fueling, and twelve years later nuun active hydration remains the #1 selling sport drink product in bike, run, outdoor specialty, and outdoor chain stores. To learn more, visit or follow them on social media.

About Stacy Sims
Dr. Stacy T. Sims has contributed to the environmental exercise physiology and sports nutrition fields for more than 15 years leading groundbreaking research and innovations throughout her academic and consulting career. Stacy is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance advancing research in environmental considerations and sex differences across elite athletes to the general public. Prior, Stacy created natural sports nutrition products to solve problems of gastrointestinal distress and hydration for all athletes. She served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University, the University of Otago and Massey University specializing in sex differences of environmental and nutritional considerations for recovery and performance. Stacy has continually applied her knowledge in the field educating and supporting athletes at the highest level of sport, including Olympians and Tour de France riders, and is an elite athlete herself. Recently she published ROAR with Selene Yeager focusing on food and fitness matched to the female physiology.