ORAL I.V. Inks Deal with MeyerDC to Expand into the Chiropractic & Clinical Channels

LOS GATOS, CA, USA (October 25, 2017) /EINPresswire.com/ — ORAL I.V. Inc, the creator of the only all natural, sugar free, stimulant free and zero calorie hydration aids on the market announces a distribution agreement with MeyerDC™ to meet the growing demand of ORAL I.V’s new two ounce daily hydration shot. ORAL I.V. will be available via the popular www.meyerdc.comwww.meyerpt.com, and www.elivatefitness.com websites to chiropractic, physical therapy and fitness specialists.

Many of these practitioners have been using it as an effective hydration primer for their clients and a daily aid for optimal health and wellness. ORAL I.V.’s popularity among chiropractors and physical therapists is due to its ability to aid the body to rapidly hydrate on a cellular level. Hydration of the muscle tissue and fascia enables practitioners to gain more immediate results for their patients.

Since studies suggest 75% of Americans are dehydrated, using ORAL I.V. as a hydration primer for therapy and treatment has been a common practice with this progressive minded group. Additionally, in post treatment, practitioners state how important it is to be properly hydrated for muscle recovery, to avoid headaches, nausea, and detoxify the body after tissue-stimulating treatments. Some clients that claim to have also benefited from ORAL I.V. are those who struggle with issues that lead to dehydration. ORAL I.V.’s 100% natural, gluten free, sugar free, and stimulant free formula without any contraindications makes it a completely safe hydration aid for patients young and old.

Many natural health practitioners have evangelized the benefits of hydration in joint mobility, fascia and muscular health and endorsed ORAL I.V.’s unique benefit as a hydration activator to their clients. Ben Greenfield (biohack and advocate of ORAL I.V.) interviewed Jacob Shoen, mobility trainer, on the topic of “ELDOA” which shed interesting light on the importance of proper fascial and spinal hydration.

“Activating cells for optimal hydration efficiency in all areas of the body is important in a person’s approach to chiropractic health, as well as a solid holistic view to a person’s overall health and wellness,” said Bob Jones, CEO of ORAL I.V. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with MeyerDC on introducing our product to this great community.”

This new distribution channel will expose ORAL I.V. to an even greater network of specialists that have practices and retail outlets in the health & wellness sector. “We are thrilled to have partnered with such a highly respected and leading U.S. distributor as MeyerDC™,” said Dale Pinneke, Director of Sales for ORAL I.V. Inc. “Natural health practitioners have had great success using our product for their clients, and this relationship with Meyer will further support our reach to this audience.”

ORAL I.V. Inc. launched in 2014 as a progressive hydration company anchored in natural science with a mission to change the way people view their hydration for healthy living, focusing on activation rather than replacement. Elite athletes to everyday people take its 100% natural hydration shot daily to aid in optimal hydration and health. Unleash Your Hydration Potential. Learn more at www.oraliv.com.