Vita500 Extends Product Lineup by Unveiling Three New Flavors


Vita500_970IRVINE, CA (February 3, 2017) — Vita500, a best-selling vitamin C drink in Asia, will be adding in three new flavors to its U.S. product lineup this February.  In addition to the Original flavor, Vita500 will now be available in naturally flavored Blueberry, Passion Fruit and Grape.

Vita500 is South Korea’s #1 selling vitamin C drink with over 366 million bottles sold just last year and more than 90% market share.  The brand was first introduced in 2001 by Kwangdong HQ and has seen exponential growth.

Since launching in the U.S. in May of 2016, consumers have repeatedly asked about additional flavors.  The brand has responded by launching three new flavors with the same positive qualities and health benefits as the Vita500 Original.

William Cho, Executive Managing Director of Kwangdong USA, states, “We are very excited to make history for our flagship brand by launching, for the first time ever, three great-tasting new flavor extensions and to continue building on the success the product has enjoyed over the past 16 years in many countries around the world”.

One bottle of Vita500 contains 500mg of vitamin C per bottle with only 50 calories.  Vita500 also delivers 25% Daily Value of Niacin (B3) to help increase “good” HDL cholesterol and 25% DV of vitamin B6 to support healthy neurotransmission.  Original and Passion Fruit flavors also deliver 100% DV of Riboflavin (B2) to support carbohydrate, protein and fat breakdown.

Vita500 opens up a completely new segment within the U.S. ready-to-drink beverage market by featuring 500mg of vitamin C without using caffeine, taurine, artificial colors or preservatives.  Vita500 is currently distributed by Statewide Beverage Company in Southern California and BCS International Corp. in New York City.  As a proven healthy beverage concept in many countries around the world, and with the credibility and success in Asia for over a decade, it is predicted that the product will rapidly expand across many other states in 2017.