Volvic to Present New Sports Cap Bottle at NACS

Chicago, IL (October 18, 2017) — Volvic, the second-biggest premium water brand in the world, announced today that it will showcase its new 750ml sport bottle at the 2017 NACS Show in Chicago.

Volvic, the famed volcanic French water brand will present its ergonomic and stylistic bottle design that is perfect for the On-The-Go consumer. Volvic natural spring water is sourced from the volcanic region of Auvergne in France, well-known for its wilderness and dramatic scenery. The water is collected after having trickled through six layers of volcanic rock: this distinct and natural filtration process imbues the water with essential minerals, giving Volvic its unique taste and composition.

The new bottle, which has won a Best 2017 New Product award from Convenience Store News, will be fitted with an easy-sip sport cap, a welcome new development for Volvic’s highly active and sport-oriented fan base. The bottle’s ergonomic design is also well suited for people who are looking to stay hydrated during their busy day-to-day lives.

“The new 750ml Volvic sport bottle with a new generation sport cap is an exciting new feature to expand Volvic’s usage and distribution, especially for active consumers and fans of Volvic’s unique taste and volcanic purity,” said Olivier Sonnois, Team Leader of Brands Within Reach.

Show goers can discover these new products at the Brands Within Reach exhibition in Booth #1067 – North Building at McCormick Place in Chicago. For more information about Volvic and the new bottles, please contact Brands Within Reach at PR@bwrgroup.com.