Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 Video: Fogdog Puts New Spin on Cold Brew

Cold brewing is a trendy concept in the RTD coffee and tea categories. It’s often lauded as providing a smoother taste profile and higher caffeine content than traditional methods. Yet it’s a time-intensive process that typically involves soaking coffee beans or tea leaves in cold water for 12-24 hours. However, California-based Fogdog has developed a method of cold brewing in which batches are produced in under 20 minutes.

In an interview at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show, Fogdog founder Alex Siow discussed the company’s new, patent-pending technology, which it terms as “hydrodynamic cold brew.” Fogdog believes that the process, in which whole coffee beans and ice water are blended and spun in a machine created by the company, elicits more natural oils from the coffee bean and creates a foggier appearance. The brand’s RTD line is set to launch this month with a sumatra dark roast and two tea varieties.

“I think we have a rather unique product,” Siow said. “I think the a lot of the flavor profile really comes from the coffee oils, so the product itself is sweet and not bitter. You can taste all of the Earth, the cherry from the coffee ground itself. So I think that’s pretty neat.”

Watch this video, filmed at Fogdog’s booth at the Winter Fancy Food Show, to hear more about Fogdog’s innovative approach to cold brewing as well as the company’s plans to market the technology in the food service channel.