WTRMLN WTR Launches BLNDS line

wtrmln wtrNew York, NY (March 9, 2017) – WTRMLN WTR has introduced a line of three new functional blends (aka BLNDS) to its growing product portfolio. WTRMLN GNGR (Ginger Lemon), WTRMLN LME (Lime), and WTRMLN TRT CHRRY (Tart Cherry) are each made with WTRMLN WTR’s deliciously hydrating base of watermelon (flesh + rind) and the addition of organic juices and organic extracts that deliver strong secondary functional benefits for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

The three BLNDS sku’s will be available through July, 2017 exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide in a 12oz single serve size for $3.99. A percentage of all BLNDS product sales will benefit Whole Planet Foundation, whose mission is poverty alleviation through micro credit in communities around the world that supply Whole Foods Market stores with product.

“We are so excited to partner with WTRMLN WTR on the exclusive launch of their functional blends line,” said Alix Simmons, Whole Foods Market’s Global Grocery Category Manager. “In addition to being an innovative brand within the cold pressed juice category, they’re innovating in the food waste space through both sourcing and manufacturing practices. We’re proud to share their products and mission in our stores.”

“Congratulations to my partners at WTRMLN WTR,” said Company investor Beyoncé. “I applaud the innovative female leaders at WTRMLN WTR, who inspire us with their creativity and their true commitment to elevating our community and culture.”

The three new BLNDS join WTRMLN LMN (Lemonade), a low sugar lemonade offering, which was launched last summer. Like the original WTRMLN WTR, the BLNDS will all be made using “seconds” – the blemished, sunburned, misshapen watermelons that aren’t viable for commercial retail and are typically discarded.

About the BLNDS

  • WTRMLN GNGR contains watermelon (flesh + rind), organic lemon juice, organic ginger juice, and organic ginger extract. “Spice it up! Amplify. Detoxify. Light up your immune system. Digest this, baby!”
  • WTRMLN LME contains watermelon (flesh + rind), organic lime juice, organic lemon juice, and organic lime extract. It is “Mesmerizing. Alkalizing. A lil’ green for your PH prime”
  • WTRMLN TRT CHRRY contains organic tart cherry juice concentrate and organic lemon juice. “When your muscles be like ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’, Pop this for your mighty marathon mojo”


WTRMLN WTR is the pioneer in healthy, cold pressed juiced watermelon. The delicious, nutritionally rich WTRMLN WTR is sourced from “ugly” melons that are otherwise discarded, and consists of nothing but watermelon and a drop of organic lemon juice. It is straight from the fruit, with low calories / sugar (equal to coconut water), high electrolytes (550mg of potassium), Citrulline and Lycopene (for muscle health and antioxidants). There is no added water, and no added sugar! Our mission is rather simple: better, more sustainable methods of food production, less waste, a smarter planet, healthier humans, a healthier world, more love, equality, decency and kindness. The product is all natural, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher. WTRMLN WTR: Hot pink juicy watermelon flesh. Everything but the skin. Packed with the good stuff. Jody Levy and Harlan Berger founded the company in 2013 with a mission to create the most ethically produced, clean, and conscientious bottle of pure watermelon water aka liquid love.

Visit www.wtrmlnwtr.com to learn more. @WTRMLNWTR #WTRMLNWTR