Ax-Water Rebrands, Expands Distribution

Fargo, N.D. — Ax-water, a U.S. company that launched their aronia berry-infused water in March of 2017, is seeing monumental growth nationally, after rebranding less than six months into its launch. They are now distributed by big players in the beverage industry, including the following.

  • United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI)
  • KeHE Distributors, LLC.
  • Bills Distribution
  • Braun Distribution
  • Beverage Wholesalers

“One thing we have done from the start is listen to feedback from our customers,” said CEO Blake Johnson. “We aren’t playing in a new industry, but we are here to disrupt it. The product was speaking to our customers, but the packaging wasn’t, so we shifted course and the response has been epic.”

Ax-water is also working diligently with brokers in New York City and Boston to open up new accounts, and in Los Angeles with 200 local independents to service the area. Ax-water has a robust promotional calendar, along with awesome coolers and display racks, in an effort to draw customers in who are seeking their daily antioxidant solution. The Aronia Berry is the new superberry, and the benefits are abundant. From reduced inflammation to cardiac and digestive benefits, the Aronia Berry is for everyone.

To get the word out about this superberry, ax-water has teamed up with influencers and is sending out gift boxes to give people a taste of the power of the Aronia Berry’s benefits. There is nothing like ax-water in the market with such a high antioxidant level while being low calorie and low sugar. ax-water customers are daily drinkers of the product.

“To be a stand out among the thousands of functional beverage options that line the shelves and pop up on people’s feeds online, the ax-water team knows we have to listen and learn,” said Gavin Linde, VP of Sales. “The numbers are increasing at a great rate on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada, and in stores. We have always been proud of the product, and now we are proud of the brand as our consumer’s see it.”

About ax-water

Blake Johnson, CEO and a Civil Engineer by trade, has farmed Aronia Berries as a hobby since 2012. In light of their significant health benefits, he teamed up with Wade Gronwold, COO to bring awareness of Aronia Berries to the general public. ax-water was born. The company currently has three flavors and is selling internationally.

Ax-water also received three awards at the 14th Annual Zenith Bottle Water Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in November of 2017 — 2nd place for Best Functional Beverage, 2nd place for Best New Water Concept and 3rd place for Best New Brand/Brand Extension. In addition, in a survey carried out by a panel of judges, ax-water was chosen Most Likely to Succeed in the Entrepreneur Panel.

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