Baton Rouge Soccer Club Selects HydroONE’s BÖDE Sport as Official Beverage

GREENWOOD, S.C. — HydroONE Premium Beverages’ CEO Sammy Nasrollahi is proud to announce that his brand has been named the official drink of the prestigious Baton Rouge Soccer Club (also known as BRSC). The largest soccer club in Louisiana, BRSC currently boasts a membership of 7,500 players who compete at various age levels and competitiveness, ranging from the recreational to semi-professional.

HydroONE’s “BÖDE Sport” is a healthy alternative sports drink that both hydrates and replenishes athletes. The beverage has significantly less sugar and calories when compared to other sports drinks, and is also gluten-free and kosher. BÖDE Sport currently comes in two different natural flavors, “Black Cherry Grape” and “Lemon Lime”.

HydroONE is the product of a former college and professional soccer player, Sammy Nasrollahi. During his days as a player and later as a coach for 28 years, Nasrollahi became aware of the detrimental effects that sugary sports drinks have on both his teammates and players. In pursuit of a beverage that would properly and naturally rehydrate athletes, Nasrollahi teamed up with two scientists, Dr. Babak Baban and Dr. Mark Fields,- to make his vision become a reality.

Louie Smothermon, BRSC’s Executive Director, said he was captivated by Nasrollahi’s love for the game, as well as his “commitment to help players achieve optimal performance”.

“We emphasize helping our players take their game to the next level,” Smothermon said. “HyrdoONE is the right fuel to help them achieve that goal.”

Additionally, Smothermon said that the HydroONE logo will be printed onto the uniform of BRSC’s newly introduced women’s college team, which will compete in the WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League).