Black Dog Venture Partners Acquires Stake in ‘6Days Hangnever’

PHOENIX & SAN FRANCISCO — Black Dog Venture Partners announced today that they have acquired a ten percent stake in San Francisco based 6 Days Productions, maker of hangover prevention drink Hangnever. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“This would be our first major partnership ever since we launched last year.” said Mario Mare, the founder of Hangnever brand. “We are excited for the forthcoming collaboration effort, with all the access and resource provided by BDVP, we are definitely going to accelerate our growth into the niche hangover market arena.”

Both partners met at a SFSU networking event on November 2017. Mare added, “I remember when Scott’s first comment about the product was ‘I could have used this last night’, I knew he saw the potential in our business. We look forward for the partnership and the incubation process”

The product Hangnever holds a unique positioning by being a proactive recovery, or ‘prevention’ rather than ‘recovery’ drink. You consume it as a precaution measure, so that you will not wake up with the worst hangover, and their formula seems to really do the trick. Does it really work? There is only one way to find out. The company plan to offer a 100% money back guarantee if purchased through their e-store. Visit to learn more.

“The team at 6 days have built a fast-growing brand in the beverage space and our experience in sports, music and entertainment provide a great opportunity to turn Hangnever into an international brand,” said Black Dog CEO Scott Kelly.

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