Caskai to Exhibit at Expo East

SEATTLE — Caskai, the producer of Sparkling Cascara Infusion, will exhibit at Natural Products Expo East for the first time at Booth number 6443. Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion is the first sparkling RTD Cascara beverage in the United States and recently won Best New Product Awards at the Denver and Baltimore Coffee Fests.

Caskai contains the natural and balanced power of Premium Sun-Dried Cascara, cascara derived from the coffee fruit that has been dried whole in the sun and that meets strict flavor and nutritional standards. Previously discarded by farmers and considered a byproduct of the coffee drying process, Caskai upcycles cascara into delicious and healthy beverages. Caskai tastes like fruit – not like coffee – and is surprisingly refreshing. Caskai has just 40 calories and up to 14mg of naturally occurring caffeine for a more mindful and balanced approach to your day.

“We are excited to present Caskai to additional retailers and distributors at Expo East,” said company founder and President Joel Jelderks.

Caskai fresh brews its Premium Sun-Dried Cascara in Austrian Alps Spring Water using no syrups or concentrates, is all natural, low in sugar and calories (only 40calories), contains up to 14mg of naturally occurring caffeine and anti-oxidants derived from the polyphenols found in cascara. By consuming the cascara used in Caskai, consumers are giving coffee growers a secondary crop from which to profit and reducing waste simultaneously.

Caskai utilizes the sales and marketing services of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands.

For more information about Caskai Sparkling Cascara, please visit us at