DIVINIA to Undergo Clinical Trial

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Never a brand to shy away from pushing the envelope on true water research, DIVINIA Water’s CEO, Steven Sedlmayr, is pursuing formal research with the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) to plan a clinical trial in the coming months. The trial will focus on people with kidney and liver issues, and will highlight safety. The trial is expected to take approximately six months to complete.

Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH, director of research at NUNM, created an interdisciplinary team to actively design the research parameters, so the project can begin immediately following approval from the Institutional Review Board.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for us,” said Sedlmayr. “Not only are we eager to see what the trial will reveal, but NUNM is equally enthusiastic about conducting the study. We believe that formal scientific research about our product will give us valuable information that will take us to the next level. It also gives NUNM unique access to an innovative area of health that has been only minimally studied up to this time.”

The clinical trial follows previous scientific study and research of DIVINIA Water. DIVINIA’s scientific basis has been verified by five American universities in independent studies, some of which are summarized in peer- reviewed papers. It was also the subject of a small clinical trial in India just last year, which demonstrated DIVINIA’s superior hydration over deionized water.

Upon conclusion of the clinical trial, expected to be completed in 2018, DIVINIA plans to use the results to contribute to the better understanding of water, overall. Additionally, DIVINIA will like to use the information to share with its customers and build a strong brand reputation as the only pure, functional bottled water on the market.

About the National University of Natural Medicine

Established in 1956, NUNM is the oldest and one of the most respected accredited universities of natural medicine in the world. NUNM’s participation in international medical education and research is routinely solicited.

NUNM’s Helfgott Research Institute has earned worldwide acclaim for its outstanding evidence-based research in natural medicine and its contributions to the advancement of clinicaleducation. Helfgott researchers, who have been awarded a number of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants, specialize in clinical trials and are trained in natural and integrative medicine research design. Studies have included acupuncture, pain management, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal health, herbal medicine, nutrition, mind-body medicine and more. Helfgott features state-of- the-art basic science labs and institutional resources for students learning to conduct rigorous, high-quality clinical research. Faculty and student research projects are published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences, where they have been recognized with a number of awards.


About DIVINIA Water

DIVINIA is a bottled water brand focused on offering uniquely pure, clean, functional, eco-friendly hydrating water. Purified through our patented purifiers, DIVINIA Water is so distinct that the water itself is patent pending. There are no other substances added to DIVINIA water, with all solids removed; DIVINIA’s extraordinary functionality comes from its exclusive proprietary process. Bottled in glass bottles for easy recycling, DIVINIA is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and is currently offered in seven retail locations in conjunction with our online store. Recently, DIVINIA began exclusive distribution to Hawaii with plans for aggressive expansion this year.