Double Cola Company Announces New COO

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – The Double Cola Company is very pleased to announce the appointment of its new Chief Operations Officer, Gina Dhanani. Ms. Dhanani has served as the company’s Vice President since 2012. She has been with Double Cola for nearly 15 years and has overseen its growth from a single soda brand to a multi-product beverage powerhouse. In this new role, Ms. Dhanani will design and implement operations, establish policies that promote company culture and vision, and oversee company operations and the work of executives. Gina stated that she “is very excited to take on this new position. We have spent time solidifying our strategies and building an innovative team. I look forward to continue to grow and transform this company.”

“As we adapt to a quickly changing industry, Gina is the perfect person to move the company forward and engage our consumers with a new and modern approach,” says Alnoor Dhanani, President and CEO of The Double Cola Company. Ms. Dhanani’s new role is effective immediately.


The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn., and works with a dedicated network of authorized bottlers and distributors to deliver refreshingly-different products at home and abroad.