The Double Cola Company to Release Tropical Ski

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — SKI Citrus Soda fans are in for a surprise, as limited edition Tropical SKI is back for the second summer. Tropical SKI is sure to excite fans again with its brilliant blue color. Limited edition flavor Tropical SKI will return this month in select markets in the Midwest and Southeast, including Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Tropical SKI adds a tropical mango flavor with a dazzling blue color, to the already extraordinary and authentic SKI flavor. It will be offered in 20-ounce PET bottles and available for a limited time only. The Double Cola Company, parent company of the SKI family of brands, is excited about bringing the flavor back to market this summer.

“Tropical SKI’s refreshing flavor makes it the perfect summer beverage,” said Cortnee Young, Marketing Coordinator at The Double Cola Company. “We hope SKI fans enjoy it just as much as they did last year.”

New this year is the text-to-win promotion going on until the end of May. By texting Tropical SKI to 31996, SKI fans from all over will be entered to win a Tropical SKI beach chair and towel. Start celebrating summer early and enter to win!

“Due to the overwhelming feedback from our consumers last summer, we are excited to bring Tropical SKI back,” said Jessie Shumate, Regional Sales Manager for The Double Cola Company. “With the help of our dedicated distributors and retail partners, Tropical SKI will be a favorite again this summer!”

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