DRY Soda Co. to Unveil New Soda Line and Seasonal Flavors at Winter Fancy Food Show

Seattle, Wash. – DRY Soda Company, creator of beautifully flavored, lightly sweet sodas, will officially debut its new limited-edition Summer Celebration bottles and launch its second soda brand, DRY Zero Sugar organic sodas, at San Francisco’s 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show, Jan. 21-23, 2018 in booth #573. Show attendees are invited to be among the first to experience the bright packaging and full flavors of DRY Zero Sugar organic sodas, and new limited-edition 750 mL DRY Sparkling Summer Celebration bottles in Watermelon and Pineapple flavors.

“Our team is always pushing the beverage boundaries by creating delicious, elevated flavors, and we are so excited to introduce our latest innovations at Winter Fancy Food Show,” said Sharelle Klaus, founder and CEO of DRY Soda Co. “DRY Zero Sugar sodas came to fruition after finding the demand for organic products was constantly increasing, yet sugar-free organic sodas weren’t easily accessible. It felt like a natural next step for our brand to break into this space, and after years of research and development, we created a line of sugar-free sodas in fun, great tasting flavors. We are also delighted to showcase our new limited-edition Summer Celebration bottles, which come on the heels of successfully launching Watermelon DRY Sparkling as part of our core line. We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of new Pineapple DRY Sparkling soda, too.”

Known for its innovative flavors, DRY Soda Co. is also dedicated to creating positive consumer experiences through artistic packaging. The can and six-pack designs for DRY Zero Sugar Sodas were created in collaboration with internationally-celebrated artist, Catalina Estrada. The packaging features lively patterns in her signature style, which combines Latin American and Asian influences. Estrada took inspiration from the brand’s various flavor notes, brightness, and effervescence to create the bespoke designs.

DRY Zero Sugar organic sodas are lightly sweetened with stevia leaf extract and crafted with only 5-7 ingredients. The beverages do not contain any artificial sweeteners, added/artificial colors, sodium or gluten, but are full of bright flavor. DRY Zero Sugar sodas will be sold in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, with a suggested retail price of $5.99-$6.99. The new line includes another first for DRY Soda Co., two caffeinated flavors, Cola and Peach Tea, which contain 45mg of caffeine per can (about the same amount as a traditional cola). Flavor details include:


  • DRY Zero Sugar Cola – A fabulous caffeinated organic cola with a bold, spicy flavor – because naturally sweetened cola should be a party for your taste buds.
  • DRY Zero Sugar Mountain Berry Soda – Inspired by the ripe berries of the Northwest and a serious love for mountain berry pie.
  • DRY Zero Sugar Peach Tea Soda – Organic black tea essence meets delicious peach flavor that will leave you wishing for a porch swing.
  • DRY Zero Sugar Island Fruit Soda – Tastes like that vacation you’ve been meaning to book. Each can bubbles with the refreshing organic flavors of your favorite tropical fruits.


DRY Soda Co. will also introduce an extension of the DRY Sparkling line, new 750 mL Watermelon and Pineapple Summer Celebration bottles, which are both leading trends in flavor, décor and fashion. These elegant and chic bottles feature custom watercolor illustrations created by artist Magrikie Berg. Inspired by the laid back, fresh feeling of summer, the bottles offer a touch of fun and sophistication never before seen in a craft soda. These flavors are especially perfect for group celebrations, wedding festivities and baby showers, or any moment when one needs a non-alcoholic alternative to rosé or champagne.

Watermelon and Pineapple DRY Sparkling Summer Celebration bottles are made with just four ingredients, including a touch of cane sugar. Watermelon and Pineapple DRY Sparkling are delicious on their own, paired with a meal or mixed into cocktails, with a suggested retail price of $4.99 per 750 mL bottle.

Both DRY Zero Sugar sodas and limited-edition DRY Sparkling Summer Celebration bottles will begin rolling out nationwide in April of 2018.

About DRY Soda Company

DRY Soda Company creates beautifully flavored, lightly-sweet sodas, made with just a handful of ingredients. Founded in Seattle in 2005 by a mother of four, DRY’s products honor the real flavors of fruit, flowers, herbs, and spices. With a commitment to simple ingredients, artistry, community, and most of all, delicious flavor, DRY Soda Co. is showing the world that not all sodas are created equal. The DRY Sparkling line features ten culinary-inspired flavors, sweetened with a touch of cane sugar, available in 12 oz. glass bottles, slim 12 oz. cans, four-packs, and seasonal 750 mL Celebration bottles. DRY Zero Sugar Sodas are USDA Organic and available in four bright and bubbly varieties in 12 oz. cans and 6-packs. DRY Soda Co.’s beverages are sold in thousands of retail stores, restaurants and bars across North America. For more information, visit http://www.drysoda.com/.