Genius Launches Online Store And Debuts 2 New Flavors

LOS ANGELES – For fans looking to try Genius Coconut Smoothies and can’t find it in stores, the wait is over. Genius recently launched their online store at where customers can order delicious, fresh coconut smoothies direct to their doorstep.

“We are starting with West Coast, Rockies, Southwest, and Central for our covered territories which covers 17 states and no shipping cost for the customer,” CEO and Founder Alex Bayer explained. “We have full intentions of expanding our shipping territories to the entire country by February/March 2019 timeframe once we ramp up our online presence and make sure everything is running smoothly from a logistics and fulfillment standpoint. It’s definitely a crawl, walk, run scenario where we want to get it right and deliver customer happiness the first time and consistently after that, which is what matters most.”

Genius has largely based their business off the brick-and-mortar model with retailers such as Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, EREWHON Market, Fairway Market, and several small natural chains and independents across the country.

On the heels of their online store launch, Genius concurrently launched on “Although we prefer consumers to order on GeniusJuice.Com so we can collect customer info and stay more in touch, we wanted to give two options to consumers. There are those that prefer keeping all their e-commerce purchasing under ‘one roof’ and simplifying things, and we felt it was important to give that familiar option.” Bayer explained.

“The e-retail food and beverage segment had a year-over-year increase of 18 percent in 2017. It’s very convincing data that consumers are getting more and more comfortable ordering online than ever before. Although perishable, our product stays very chilled with our fulfillment partners and keeps temperature for 2-3 day shipping which also alleviates high shipping costs,” Bayer said.

Genius is also debuting two new flavors: Coffee Coconut Smoothie and Turmeric Coconut Smoothie, which will be in stock and ready for ordering by mid-late January 2019.

The company has been riding one flavor (The Original Coconut Smoothie) for nearly three years and is anticipating big growth by launching additional SKUs into the market that have been long awaited by corporate buyers as well as consumers.

“When looking at 2019, it’s pretty simple,” Bayer mentioned. “We want to have an enormous year with our new line-up of three delicious, healthy, clean coconut smoothies. No one is doing what we are doing: blending whole coconut together and infusing pure organic ingredients for our flavored smoothies. A customer can’t ask for a healthier smoothie/meal replacement option than ours. It’s as pure and simple as it gets.”

“From buyer meetings and sharing the new flavors with industry professionals, the flavors are testing off the charts for taste and texture and we are confident they will perform well velocity wise at store-level as well as online,” Bayer said. “Our entire team is incredibly excited and we all feel that 2019 will be our year to shine.”