Java House Authentic Cold Brew Coffee Partners with Hudson News Distributors

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — As the maker of SPLENDA Brand Products, creamers and flavors, Heartland Food Products Group has been in the business of making coffee taste better for decades. As Heartland continues its quest to provide the best tasting cup of coffee, they are now bringing the smooth taste of 100% authentic cold brew coffee to everyone.

“We have taken the time to craft the perfect cold brew coffee and we are excited to share JAVA HOUSE with as many consumers and retail partners as we can. With Hudson News Distributors on our team we can now be confident that retail locations in the critical Northeast market are fully stocked with JAVA HOUSE Cold Brew every week,” said Eddie Pellegrino, Chief Customer Office, Heartland Food Products Group.

Even with the wide distribution that Hudson News Distributors is going to provide, JAVA HOUSE Cold Brew remains committed to delivering authentic, small batch quality throughout its range of cold brew products. That means knowing where the beans are sourced from and using only two simple ingredients: 100% air-roasted Arabica beans and water. This attention to detail translates to a smoother coffee with less acidity and bitterness.

“In many categories including beverages like JAVA HOUSE  Cold Brew, major national and regional chains prefer direct store delivery because they don’t have the warehouse space nor the space on their trucks to accommodate the multitude of the beverages and snacks that are available. We insure that the last five feet of the path-to-purchase is executed flawlessly,” said Tom Dowdy, Chief Revenue Office of Hudson News Distributors.

JAVA HOUSE and Hudson News Distributors a Win-Win Partnership

Hudson News Distributors made its start (in 1926) and reputation by delivering books and magazines to retailers across the Northeast but as the migration of print publications going digital ramped up, the company considered other categories to add to its significant distribution network. The company decided that the beverages like JAVA HOUSE Cold Brew, snacks and other FMCG categories presented the largest opportunity to fill its excess distribution capacity.

“We have a huge infrastructure that has been built over many years that includes 14 warehouses, 400 delivery trucks, and 2,000 merchandisers that has additional capacity,” Dowdy said. “Our footprint of 15,000 retail stores includes all the major national and regional chains along with 2,400 independents. Many of our independents do significant revenue and volume, but their locations are very difficult to reach and sell to. The fact that we offer DSD services to 15,000 stores weekly with our legacy magazine and book business creates huge critical mass efficiencies for brands like JAVA HOUSE to ride along with and no other distributor in the Northeast has our scale.”

Presence at the Checkout Counter

An additional benefit to utilizing Hudson News Distributors’ direct-store-delivery network is the company’s team of 2,000 merchandisers that daily unpack cases of beverages, snacks and other FMCG categories and place the products at the point-of-sale at not only the home shelf locations but secondary display locations/coolers, including the checkout counter, as well.

“Hudson has decades of experience merchandising secondary display locations including the checkout counter,” Dowdy said. “We merchandise 50,000 checkout counters a week in the Northeast which also includes adjacencies like front-end cooler locations.”

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About Hudson News Distributors 

Based in Metro New York City, Since 1926 Hudson News Distributors (HND) has served its core magazine and book publisher client needs in warehousing, direct store delivery and in-store merchandising. HND services over 15,000 Northeast located retailers weekly with a full complement of services supporting the path-to-purchase including; Logistics & Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Retail Merchandising & In-Store Marketing. Visit HND at

About Heartland Food Products Group 

Based outside of Indianapolis, Heartland Food Products Group is a global leader in the production of low-calorie sweetener products, creamers, beverage concentrates, coffee, and nutritional drinks. Heartland acquired The SPLENDA Brand in 2015. The SPLENDA Brand is the most recognizable and iconic low calorie sweetener (“LCS”) brand in the world. Today, The SPLENDA Brand is the clear #1 LCS brand in the $72 billion global sweetener market with market shares that are more than twice those of its nearest competitor. Visit Heartland at