JUST Water Launches ‘JUST Infused’ Flavored Water Line

NEW YORK, N.Y. — JUST water announces the launch of JUST Infused—a collection of three certified organic, unsweetened flavors to its brand portfolio. JUST launched in 2015 with a single product: 100% spring water equitably sourced in upstate New York and bottled in paper-based cartons. JUST Infused extends the brand’s commitment to responsible and innovative business practices intended to make positive environmental and community impact. This is a first and very exciting expansion that will lead the way to accomplishing the long-term strategy of making JUST a substantial brand in the beverage category.

The new line includes three flavors: Organic Apple Cinnamon, Organic Tangerine, Organic Lemon. Starting with the same Adirondack mountain spring water as the core product, JUST Infused is elevated with a dash of organic fruit and spice essences. The flavors are light, refreshing and taste just as if there were a slice of lemon, tangerine or apple with a hint of cinnamon in the bottle. There are no other ingredients; no sweeteners of any kind, no artificial anything and no calories.

“JUST is about upending bottled water, both in packaging and sourcing. We’ve created a product sourced according to an innovative, ethical system and bottled it in a carton made from 82% renewable resources rather than plastic,” said Ira Laufer, CEO of JUST. “JUST Infused gives us the opportunity to continue that mission in a broader and more flavorful way.”

JUST Infused waters will be available for distribution in early March 2018 and expected to be available on shelf at retail partners currently carrying the brand in locations across the country. Anticipated retail price range is $1.69 to $1.99 per bottle.

About JUST water

Founded in 2015, JUST is a B Corp certified consumer goods company dedicated to producing responsibly sourced quality products, contained in sustainably innovative packaging. The first product, JUST water is 100% spring water ethically sourced from Upstate New York, packaged in a bottle made of 82% renewable resources. The company mission to create environmental and social value along the supply chain, extends to partnerships with environmental non-profits, key members of the science and innovation community, as well as university collaborations, event alliances and community projects. JUST water is sold in North America at over 15,000 retail locations. For more information please visit http://www.justwater.com.