Living Essentials Launches 5-hour TEA

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Living Essentials, LLC, the makers of 5-hour ENERGY shots, announces 5-hour TEA shots, a product line that’s available now in peach tea flavor. Just like 5-hour ENERGY shots, 5-hour TEA shots are quick, simple, and made for hard-working people.

“5-hour TEA shots contain ingredients derived from green tea leaves, has zero sugar, four calories, and a blend of vitamins and nutrients,” said Melissa Skabich, Living Essentials’ communications director.  “It’s a great way to get back to 100 percent when your battery is running low.”

The 1.93 oz. bottles don’t require refrigeration, making 5-hour TEA shots an excellent option for people on the go.  Just pop one in your bag for portable energy at the ready.

To order 5-hour TEA shots, contact your distributor or sales representative at 866-960-1700.