PaleoPro Introduces Maple Pecan Paleo Protein

Vista, Calif. – PaleoPro, a company that is dedicated to creating clean, convenient, and easy- to-digest paleo products, launches Maple Pecan Paleo Protein, their newest seasonal flavor. Maple Pecan packs 26 grams of pure grass-fed and pasture raised paleo protein per serving and satiates fall cravings with a deliciously sweet and buttery flavor achieved using only non-GMO natural flavors and calorie free monk fruit extract.

Made in San Diego, California, PaleoPro creates the cleanest protein powders on the market from 100% grass-fed and pastured cows – with no added hormones or antibiotics. Known for their mission to deliver “Pure, Portable and Paleo” products, the team at PaleoPro uses only high quality ingredients like free-range eggs and grass-fed & pasture raised lean beef. PaleoPro has gained recognition from active and fit audiences, including health conscious celebrities like Will Smith and credible nutritionists and authors such as Kelly LeVeQue.

“We believe that variety is the ‘spice’ of life, but not necessarily ‘pumpkin spice’, which we have offered in the past, but we feel has ‘jumped the shark’ a bit as a seasonal flavor,” said Bill Fitzsimmons, co-Founder of PaleoPro. “We like to innovate and be different; however, developing flavors for our products are not as easy as one may think – like our customers, we have strict requirements on ingredients and taste. We have been developing Maple Pecan for a while as it is one of our personal favorite flavor combos, and we are thrilled with the final result. All of us PaleoPro founders are originally from the northeastern U.S., and ‘maple’ has been a symbol of seasonal warmth and delight since our childhoods.”

Maple Pecan Paleo Pro Protein joins a lineup of other delicious flavors of paleo protein powders, a vegan greens powder, a Sweet Potato Recovery Powder and a collection of delicious 100% grass- fed and pasture raised Bone Broth Collagen Protein with Turmeric. PaleoPro products can be found online at, on, or at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and other fine retailers nationwide.

About PaleoPro

PaleoPro is committed to making purposeful and delicious ‘real-food’ paleo powders using only the highest quality ingredients available. To them, “paleo” is more than just a word on a package…it’s a lifestyle for those devoted to and passionate about their everyday health and performance. Their dedication to this lifestyle is evident in the effort that they put into the ingredients and manufacturing of deliciously convenient and pure, portable, paleo products.