Prospectors Speciality Beverage Acquires Bloom Ferments Kombucha

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids-based Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee announced today it has completed the acquisition of Bloom Ferments Kombucha, another local startup beverage company. Both companies moved warehousing and production into a 12,000 sq. ft. space near 44th and East Paris, operating as Prospectors Specialty Beverage LLC.

Bloom Ferments and Prospectors Cold Brew both started in the Incubator Kitchen at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, where David Wentworth, co-founder of Prospectors Cold Brew met Emily Helmus, founder of Bloom Ferments. Both startup businesses have experienced robust growth since their startup roots, with distribution through Meijer, Lipari, Cherry Capital and dozens of other retailers and food service establishments across the state.

“Bloom Ferments is a local, authentic brand in the rapidly growing kombucha and fermented foods category,” said David Wentworth, Bloom owner. “Emily created a strong, following for her kombucha, with a emphasis on natural fermentation, local roots and unique flavor profiles. We are proud to bring Bloom Ferments into our family of brands, and grow the company further.”

The global kombucha market size is projected to reach $5.45 billion by 2025, according to a July report by Grand View Research, Inc. It is likely to expand at a CAGR of 23 percent over the forecast period, driven by innovations, flavor experimentation, and increasing awareness regarding health benefits associated with kombucha consumption.

“The beverage market as a whole is changing and growing exponentially, with more consumer spending focused on single-serve beverages in categories like cold brew coffee and kombucha that didn’t exist commercially seven years ago,” said Eric Pearson, Prospectors Specialty Beverage co-founder. “We’re confident the evolution of health-focused beverages and non-dairy beverages will continue to grow, and we are proud to make relevant, local brands for consumers.”

Bloom Ferments Kombucha is hand-crafted in small batches using real, organic and simple ingredients. Fermented in the traditional style, Bloom kombucha is slightly sweet and unapologetically delicious, blooming with millions of probiotics, healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast strands. Bloom Ferments kombucha is currently available in six flavors:

  • Lavender Hibiscus: 
A perfect lemony-tart, sweet berry flavor
  • Chai: Slightly sweet, unapologetically spicy
  • Ginger: Slightly sweet and spicy, yet refreshing
  • All Hopped Up: A refreshing, hippity hop, hop-forward flavor
  • Cascara: 
Exotic dark cherry, sweet vanilla and citrus flavor
  • Jasmine: Invigorating, slightly sweet, bright floral flavor

While many national and well-known kombucha brands position themselves as all-natural and authentically brewed, they actually start with a pasteurized tea base and add in the probiotics separately. Bloom Ferments is brewed through a process of all-natural fermentation with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) in each batch, and flavored with all-natural plant-based flavors. Bloom is currently available at more than 300 retailers, including Meijer stores, across the Midwest.

About Prospectors Speciality Beverage

Prospectors Specialty Beverage produces and manages a portfolio of craft beverage brands for discerning consumers. Focused on organic, all-natural coffees, kombuchas and sodas that use only real, simple ingredients, products include Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee, Bloom Kombucha and a line of nature-infused sodas. All beverages are hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Mich. More at