Push Beverages Revives Liquid Lightning Energy Drink

SUCCASUNNA, N.J.—Push Beverages has revived a regional favorite, Liquid Lightning Energy Drink. Liquid Lightning began well over a decade ago and was out of production for several years when Push Beverages acquired the trademarks and formulations with the intent to take the beverage nationwide with their existing distribution network. The revival included can redesign and resizing (from 8.4 ounces and 16 ounces to 12 ounces) along with replacing the high fructose corn syrup with pure cane sugar. Regular and zero calorie versions are available.

Liquid Lightning boasts a wide array of “energy boosters” including D-Ribose, caffeine, insositol, taurine, glucuronolactone, panax ginseng extract along with high doses of B vitamins known to help the body deal with stress and eliminate the “crash” that often occurs after the energy boost. This combination of ingredients, most of which are found naturally in the body, is currently unavailable in the mainstream energy market. Unlike most energy drinks, guarana is not used due to possible side effects of everyday usage and drug interactions. At 120 calories and only 15mg of sodium per 12o-ounce can, it is by far the lowest amongst the leading regular energy drinks. Liquid Lightning uses natural flavoring to obtain its light berry flavor.

“We have loved this formula and flavor for many years.” said Laurel Whitney, CFO and co-Founder of Push Beverages. “We are proud to now make it our own and give our existing vending and retail clients access to this great product.”

About Push Beverages

Push Beverages is a full-line beverage company with over thirty carbonated and non-carbonated drinks available in 12-ounce, 20-ounce and 2 liter packages under the Push Push-2-O, Arctic Rain, Liquid Lightning and Tribe Tea Brands. Push offers a wide variety of products to meet many healthy requirements such as zero calorie, all natural, gluten-free and low sodium. Push Beverages is currently sold in forty states and plans to spread west in the near future.