Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 Video: How These Incubators Are Supporting Next-Gen Food & Beverage Brands

Every food or beverage product starts with an idea. The question is — what comes next?

Amid booming interest from individuals looking to break into the industry, incubators have increasingly taken a prominent role in helping early-stage brands develop by providing entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to launch and start scaling. From commercial kitchen space to fundraising workshops, incubators offer entrepreneurs a variety of ways to test concepts and put ideas into practice, often with minimal investment.

The rising influence and impact of these groups could be seen at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, held June 30-July 2 in New York City. Within the show’s “Incubator Village,” the Specialty Food Association, which organizes the annual event, showcased 11 food and beverage incubators from across the U.S., along with their portfolio brands. In the above video filmed at the show, BevNET managing editor Ray Latif spoke with representatives from five featured incubators about their respective missions, how they are supporting early-stage brands with innovative concepts and about some of the success stories that have come from their work.