TreTap Sparkling Tree Water Certified Organic by EcoCert

GEORGIA, Vt.– TreTap Beverages, a leading tree water beverage brand, is pleased to announce its line of sparkling organic tree water has been certified organic with the USDA by EcoCert.

TreTap is currently distributed throughout New England by (Farrell Distributing, NH Distributors, Bellavance, EnergyBev, Northeast Beverages and RI Distributing Co. ) with plans to expand the into the Northeast and Mid- West markets in 2018. Tretap is currently utilizing Cascadia Managing Brands and Wildfire Sales to assist with expansion into new markets.

“Organic tree water sourced from plants is the next coconut water,” said Melanie Melia, owner of Wildfire Sales.

“This is a real game changer for us. Not only does it provide us with a better market position for our Tretap line in the competitive sparkling water category, but it also creates additional marketing opportunities for our Organic Tree Water,” said Aaron Harris, founder of TreTap. “Our mission from the start has been to develop a new, environmentally sustainable and responsible brand using tree water we harvest every year form our syrup operations. We are now officially an organic beverage line that gives consumers a choice of healthy and environmentally sustainable beverages. TreTap offers our consumers a great tasting beverage while also being transparent about the source of all our ingredients.”

The difference between Sap (Maple Water and Birch Water) and Organic Tree Water

According to market researcher, Zenith, the market for Sap drinks and Organic Tree Water will triple by the year 2020.* While Sap drinks and Tree Water drinks both originate from the roots of trees, it is important to distinguish their differences. Sap drinks are typically one ingredient and use the raw liquid harvested from the trees. In most sap drinks the nutrients and natural sweeteners remain in the finished product. Sap drinks typically are canned once a year, during the maple syrup season and have a shelf life of 1 year, while Organic Tree Water’s shelf life is open dated.

Organic Tree Water utilizes reverse osmosis to separate the tree water from the sap. The remaining concentrated sap is then boiled to make syrup. The extracted tree water not in the concentrated sap is pure, pristine, unadulterated, Organic Tree Water from a source that utilizes sustainable forestry practices; based in VT, employing VT workers and growers.

“There are many beverages that source their sap (maple and birch water) from growers outside the U.S. and throughout the Northeast,” said Harris. “The supply and consistency of sap is variable and subject to fluctuations based upon weather and uncontrollable crop circumstances. As one of the largest maple producers in the U.S., we have been able to control and hedge against these factors by utilizing innovative storage technologies and production techniques resulting in vast supplies of Organic Tree Water. With over 250,000 maple trees, millions of gallons of Organic Tree Water generated each season, we don’t need to buy other people’s tree water. We are proud of Vermont Maple heritage and are glad to be pioneering in a new beverage category using our pristine Organic Tree Water: it is the foundation of our brand line up called TreTap!”

About TreTap

Formed in 2014, the company is owned by two of the largest Vermont Maple Syrup Families. For seven generations, our families have been farming and making Pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup, and it is a passion that we are born into.  We love the land, we love the work and we love carrying on a tradition that not only preserves our land for future generations, but is entirely sustainable and regenerative. We pride ourselves on using sustainable forestry practices. Our Organic Maple Syrup operations discard millions of gallons of organic tree water annually. We repurpose our organic tree water and make a line of healthy sparkling beverages.

Our Social and Sustainable Mission

We created Tretap beverages using the natural bi-product of our syrup: the purest water in the world and we use our own organic maple syrup to make great tasting, low calorie, low sugar sparkling beverages.

Many large food processers are resorting to means to increase production that often include the use of gmo ingredients, pesticides, deforestation and chemicals. Our forestry practices are sustainable, regenerative and do not involve the use of gmo’s, pesticides or chemicals.

We have also been very concerned about our diet and our families’ diets. We worked with University of Vermont to help us create the recipes for our drinks to provide alternatives to the processed sugar, pesticides, gmo and chemical ingredients being sold in beverages. We have created delicious, low calorie, low sugar drinks that were designed for us to feel good about serving them to our families, friends and especially our kids. Our drinks have less than 10 calories and 10 grams of sugar, are NON GMO, Kosher and are now ORGANIC!

We are authentic people whose real interest is in seeing nutritional beverages be accessible to every health conscious consumer, every child and teenager in America. We produce healthy bubbles…”From our tretaps to your tabletops!”

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