BevNET Live Winter 2018 Video: Deal Breakdown – Why Dean Foods Sought Good Karma

Just as with personal relationships, in business sometimes opposites attract. In the case of Dean Foods, the longtime dairy brand found a partner last year in Good Karma, which produces non-dairy flax-based milks and yogurts. Brought together through 2X Consumer Product Growth Partners, the two companies, with Dean Foods as the majority stakeholder in Good Karma, came together to find the synergies between traditional dairy and plant-based alternatives that can fuel continued growth for both parties.

In this clip, Doug Radi, president and CEO of Good Karma; Sharon Kieffer, managing partner of 2x Consumer Product Growth Partners; and Alex Jacobs, VP of corporate development and strategy at Dean Foods, sat down with BevNET editor-in-chief Jeff Klineman to breakdown the mechanics of the deal and how it came together, from identifying potential partners and ensuring a good fit to financing and goal-setting.