Brew Dr. Kombucha Releases Uplift Naturally Caffeinated Kombucha

PORTLAND, Ore.— An invigorating introduction from Brew Dr. Kombucha is just hitting shelves – Uplift, the first-ever naturally caffeinated kombucha. Traditional kombucha has approximately 15 mg caffeine and an 8 oz. cup of coffee has an estimated 95mg. Every 14 oz. bottle of Uplift contains 130 mg of clean caffeine, giving consumers a substantial vitality boost without any artificial ingredients. The natural caffeine in Uplift comes from the dynamic ingredient trio of yerba mate, guayusa and green tea, lending a smooth and slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of traditional iced tea.

Matt Thomas, founder and CEO of Brew Dr. Kombucha explains, “It’s a very exciting moment for us to introduce an innovative beverage that’s entirely new to the kombucha category. Uplift has the probiotic benefits of kombucha while simultaneously offering a clean alternative for people looking to get an energy boost without the dreaded crash later on. And, it’s just downright tasty!”

Helping people stay alert and at the top of their game, Uplift provides the perfect beverage for a multitude of occasions from late-night study sessions to long road trips, getting over the post-lunch slump at work to prepping for an evening out on the town. This delicious, sparkling refreshment is a game-changer for wellness-minded individuals as they fuel their days and nights.

Look for this probiotic-pick-me-up in 14 oz. bottles hitting the shelves of select stores in September and expanding nationally throughout the fall and winter. Whole Foods will be the first location to carry Uplift nationwide, and other chains such as Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Pavillions, and others will follow shortly.

About Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. Kombucha is the most tea-obsessed kombucha company in the world. In 2006, Matt Thomas started Townshend’s Tea Company which offers organic loose-leaf tea of the highest quality in a casual teahouse setting. In 2008, he began brewing organic kombucha in the kitchens of their teahouses, giving it the name Brew Dr. Kombucha. From leaf to bottle, the company creates each flavor from their custom tea blends, making deliciously refreshing authentic kombucha with a difference you can taste. Brew Dr.’s mission is to help people discover how good kombucha can be, referring not only to its quality tea-centric approach, but to the company’s commitment to its communities, its people, and the planet. Brew Dr. Kombucha is proud to be the first kombucha company to become both carbon neutral and a certified B-corporation.