Death Wish Coffee Co. Releases Instant Coffee Blend

ROUND LAKE, N.Y.— Today, Death Wish Coffee Company, based in Round Lake, New York, released an Instant Coffee blend as the company continues to expand and diversify its main product line.

Each packet of Death Wish Instant Coffee packs 4.9 grams of coffee and 300 mg of caffeine, providing a smooth, strong taste for people looking to enjoy coffee on the go. To brew, all you have to do is open the pouch, pour 8 ounces of milk or water brewed at 170-degrees Fahrenheit, and stir. Death Wish Instant Coffee is USDA Certified Organic.

The idea to make instant coffee came after Death Wish Coffee sent coffee to the International Space Station in June 2018, and again in July of this year. In 2018, Death Wish worked with retired astronaut Nicole Stott and NASA Food Labs to create an instant, freeze-dried blend of coffee, packaged by NASA in astronaut drink pouches. It was designed to caffeinate the crew aboard the International Space Station, without sacrificing the coffee’s texture, flavor, and potency. The company decided the next best step was to create an instant coffee that anyone could enjoy no matter where they are.

Death Wish Instant Coffee comes on the heels of multiple successful product releases this year. In June, Death Wish Coffee released two cold brew options, with another slated to come in 2020, which are sold online, on Amazon, and in select retail stores. Additionally, Death Wish Coffee released a single-serve pour-over kit that is sold online.

About Death Wish Coffee

Founded in Saratoga Springs, NY, in 2012 by Mike Brown, Death Wish is committed to sustainability in all its products and uses USDA approved processes to produce high-quality organic and fair-trade beans. Death Wish is Amazon’s #1 “Most Wished For” coffee and is in more than 10,000 retail stores across the country. Today, thousands of people trust Death Wish Coffee to wake them up and keep them going every day.

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