Genius Juice Upgrades Branding, Expands Distribution

LOS ANGELES– Genius, the whole coconut smoothie beverage blending organic coconut water and coconut meat in every bottle, has recently completed a packaging upgrade which launched in stores on August 19, 2019.

“When upgrading our packaging, the most important element we focused on is maintaining brand equity so consumers that have been purchasing our product for years would still recognize and understand it’s from Genius. At the same time, we also are aiming to capture a whole new set of consumers with the upgrade.”

The noticeable changes on the new packaging is the bottle is taller, has a wider cap which makes it easier to drink a thicker viscosity product like Genius, and also has brighter colors. The signature Genius Head Logo has also undergone a big upgrade with more features and details being added to the likeness of the logo. In addition, the bottle is now wrapped to the top near the cap, and is an upgraded material and finish. “We wanted to show a more premium look and feel to the bottle. The set is very competitive, so doing anything possible to stand out and ‘pop’ on shelf was the biggest objective. I think we accomplished this.”

The packaging also notes more about the product features and benefits, listing ‘Coconut Water and Coconut Meat’ on the front label, which is a unique selling proposition for the brand. On the side panel, it clearly shows the amount of MCTs, Good Fats, Potassium, and other functional benefits included in the product. There are several illustrations and bright colors throughout the side of the panel as well to pique interest.

Genius will be launching in Vons/Pavilions, and select Albertson’s starting the week of August 19, gaining nearly 400 new points of distribution. This year, Genius has already seen additional distribution gains including Giant Eagle and select Whole Foods regions. “You don’t hear this often from founders, but we are doing slow and steady growth. Selecting retail partners that best represent our product and where consumers will align with what we have to offer. The retailer has to be a good fit for our product and velocity potential needs to be there in order for us to move forward. We are all about going with partners that suit us best,” Bayer said.

“The buying team for Albertson’s/Vons/Pavilions banner stores have done an incredible job building out a great plant-based set, making huge in-roads in keeping up the trends. We felt very comfortable being added on to the set since there are so many other plant-based like-minded brands also being offered at their stores. The buying team believes in our product and its benefits so we are thrilled to be on-board. These are stores I grew up shopping at in Southern CA where I was raised, so it’s a dream come true to now be on shelf here.”