Grateful Water Launches Line of Hemp-Infused Sparkling Waters

Grateful Water is excited to announce it has launched a line of Sparkling Hemp Infused Waters.

The company was founded by beverage industry veterans Rebecca Running and Sommer Walker, both coming from senior executive management roles which include Bacardi USA, Infinium Spirits, Moet Hennessey and Santo Mezquila.

“There are so many exciting parallels in this business and the beverage alcohol business, it’s a unique time to launch a sparkling hemp brand, our background in the premium spirits business has really assisted us in creating a lifestyle brand we feel will resonate with our core consumer,” said Running.

Grateful Sparkling Waters are a hemp infused sparkling line with zero artificial flavors, zero calories and no THC.

“We created Grateful Water with the idea that Gratitude is something we should choose daily; each of the cans have a space to answer the question What are you grateful for?” said Walker.

The brand, which launched in July of 2019, is available at select stores and online at Grateful Water comes in four delightful flavors: Blood Orange, Key Lime, Coconut and Passion Fruit.