H2 Beverages Introduces Hydro Shot

PLANO, Texas– H2 Beverages, Inc. has announced a new addition to its line-up of hydrogen-infused beverages. These new products will join H2Bev’s original hydrogen-infused beverages, H2Bev + Vitamins, H2Bev Lemon-Lime and Beet-Power.

“We continue to bring our hydrogen-infusion technology to new functional beverage categories where the effects of hydrogen can enhance the functional claims – both in terms of speed and efficacy,” declared Kurt Ruppman, Sr., H2Bev’s CEO and the company’s chief innovator.

Hydro Shot is a hydrogen-infused performance and wellness drink that has been under testing and development for more than one year.  “We have seen a range of benefits from Hydro Shot, including increased sports performance, reduced inflammation, and enhanced focus and alertness,” proclaimed Ruppman.  “In fact, we have seen in more than one instance where Hydro Shot reduced the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy,” continued Ruppman.

With an ability to infuse hydrogen at levels up to five parts per million (ppm), H2Bev expects the innovations to continue. “We are committed to building the H2Bev brand, but we remain open to teaming with existing brands to bring hydrogen infusion to their products,” offered Ruppman. “As an example,” continued Ruppman, “we are working with a European company to bring hydrogen-infused products under their label to their customers in Europe and the Middle East.  In August we will begin shipping them monthly container loads of hydrogen-infused beverages.”

About H2Bev

H2 Beverages, Inc. is a beverage manufacturer based in Plano, Texas.  The company employs its proprietary hydrogen-infusion and other technologies to produce beverages for its own H2Bev brand and for private label customers. The products come in 8.4 fl. oz. cans and can be purchased on-line, and they will soon be available in selected retail stores.