Kickback Launches Three New Hemp CBD Lemonades

LOS ANGELES— Kickback released its newest line of low calorie, low sugar Hemp CBD lemonades. The fun new drink line features three mouthwatering flavors, including Lemony Lemon, Strawberry Sunshine, and Mellow Mango.

With CBD being infused into almost anything imaginable these days, Kickback founder Pierre Real saw that there was still a need for CBD beverages that not only promote an enjoyable, stress-free lifestyle, but have a great taste that everyone can enjoy.

“We wanted to set these beverages apart from the CBD infused seltzer waters on the market. We spent the last year working with a big brand formulator and developing these flavors until they were unique and delicious,” said Real. “These beverages will help consumers remain functionally chill throughout the day, and with their unique names and anecdotes, provide a fun, memorable experience.”

All three lemonades are formulated with nano-hemp-CBD and are sweetened with monk fruit, agave, and stevia. The new flavors include:

  •  Lemony Lemon: Have a lemony sip and let go of your lemony worries with this chill lemonade.
  • Strawberry Sunshine: Need a break, Sunshine? Recharge with a burst of refreshing strawberry and a hint of watermelon.
  • Mellow Mango: Mellow out your mood, with the mellowest mango mixture mankind has ever bottled into a beverage.

Whether you’re at work, running errands, or looking for a way to relax at the end of the day, Kickback created the perfect beverage: CBD lemonades that help you take a step back, smile, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our hemp-derived CBD has no THC, meaning it will not give you a psychoactive feeling or “high”. Kickback added just the right amount of CBD into our drinks to help you remain functionally chill throughout the day.

“The CBD in our lemonades has zero hemp aftertaste,” said Real. “It doesn’t affect the flavor and it makes our drinks easy to incorporate into your daily health and wellness routine.”

You can purchase Kickback CBD Lemonades at:

About Kickback

Kickback was founded in 2016 as a health-conscious CBD company dedicated to making organic, high-quality CBD products that promote stress relief and provide a functional chill. It all started with CBD-infused cold brew coffees. Today, Kickback has expanded to a full line of dry coffees, teas, tinctures, and lemonades.