Koia Introduces New Keto Line

LOS ANGELES— Koia, the 100-percent plant-based protein drink that is naturally craveable and nutritious, today announced the launch of Koia Keto in collaboration with Whole Foods Market. The dessert-inspired line offers consumers a convenient, sweet indulgence to complement their ketogenic journey with three delicious flavors: Chocolate Brownie, Cake Batter and Caramel Crème.

Known for replacing carbohydrates with fat, the keto diet puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which allows it to be more efficient when burning fat for energy. Koia Keto is made with nutrient-dense ingredients, such as coconut milk and MCT oil, to provide sustained energy and deliver the desired ratio of 74 percent fat, 18 percent protein and 8 percent net carbs that help accelerate ketosis. While the ketogenic diet usually relies heavily on meat-based products and savory flavors, Koia Keto provides a unique, plant-based treat packed with 12 grams of protein and no added sugar.

“With consumers making healthy resolutions and incorporating new ways of eating into their New Year’s routines, we wanted to create something simple, convenient and full of flavor. We saw this as an opportunity to bring the keto community a single-serve, plant-powered protein option, as well as a new way to enjoy a sweet option that complies with their diet,” said Chris Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Koia. “Whole Foods Market also recognizes that the keto community is quickly growing and the need for easy access to product that follow the trending dietary guidelines, which made Koia Keto a perfect fit.”

After launching nationally at Whole Foods Market in 2016, Koia quickly scaled to become one of the most productive natural, refrigerated protein drinks on the market, and is now sold in more than 60 retailers and 4,000 stores across the country. In September 2018, Koia debuted its Fruit Infusions line to fill in a gap within the market for a fruit-forward, low-sugar protein drink. In addition to Koia Keto, Koia plans to continue expanding its product portfolio in 2019. Keto-friendly diet foods and supplements from Chemist Warehouse Catalogue can help you save more this week.

Koia Keto is now available exclusively at Whole Foods Market and at DrinkKoia.com for $4.99. All of Koia’s varieties are vegan; Non-GMO Project verified; and free of dairy, soy and gluten.

For further information please visit DrinkKoia.com. Fans can also follow Koia on Facebook at Facebook.com/DrinkKoia, as well as Instagram and Twitter @DrinkKoia.

About Koia

Koia is a craveable, healthy, convenient plant-protein beverage that comes ready-to-drink with no mixing, stirring or shaking needed. Koia high quality ingredients deliver a balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats for stable, long-lasting energy at any time of the day. All Koia flavors are 100-percent plant-based, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. Koia Keto will join Koia’s original lineup, which includes Cacao Bean, Vanilla Bean, Coconut Almond, Cold Brew Coffee and Cinnamon Horchata, and its Fruit Infusions line, which includes Chocolate Banana, Mango Crème and Strawberry Crème.