Lipari Foods Partners With Right On Brands For ENDO Water Distribution

LOS ANGELES— Right On Brands, Inc. has announced that Lipari Foods of Warren Michigan has placed its first order of CBD based ENDO Water product for distribution through its sales network.

Lipari distributes deli items, dairy, meat and seafood, bakery items, organic food and beverages and food service items. Exclusive brands include the Lipari brand of seasonings, Lipari Old Tyme deli cheeses and meats, the Michigan Brand, Dairy Fresh, Wholey Seafood and Yoder’s.

“Lipari is the first distribution partner of ours that has surpassed $1 billion dollars in sales annually. Our distribution deal with Lipari Foods is a huge first step in making our CBD based ENDO Water a household name in the Midwest. Retailers and Distributors look at CBD enhanced products such as ENDO Water as the new ‘kale,'” states Vic Morrison, executive vice president of Right On Brands Corporate Development. Drinks with cannabidiol (CBD) will not get you high. Studies have suggested that CBD offers a slew of health benefits from stress relief to reduced anxiety, nausea relief, decreased muscle and joint pain, improved sleep and even reduced inflammation and acne.

About Lipari Foods

Specializing in perimeter-of-the-store, specialty and branded food products, Lipari serves more than 6,300 customers and 13,000 retail locations across 14 states, primarily in the Midwest. The Warren, Michigan-based company generates annual sales of about $1 billion. Its 25,000 products span the deli, bakery, dairy, specialty retail, seafood, packaging, confections, ethnic and organic categories.

About Right On Brands, Inc.

Right On Brands, Inc., a Los Angeles Monica California based consumer goods company specializing in brand development of health conscious, cannabis based food and beverage products. Right On Brands consists of four subsidiaries: Humbly Hemp, Endo Brands, Humble Water Company and ENDO Labs. Visit our corporate website at

About Endo Brands

CBD’s are a healthy addition increased wellness in your life. CBD oil can now be formulated to be used in food, drink and your favorite snacks. Endo Water is pH balanced, micro-clustered for antioxidant protection and oxygenated for improved performance and energy.