OLIPOP Introduces New Root Beer Flavor

SAN FRANCISCO– Your choices for digestive health just got more wonderfully nostalgic, thanks to OLIPOP digestive tonics. The award-winning beverage brand, celebrated for its ability to reimagine classic soda flavors into delicious beverages with gut health-focused function, just introduced its fourth flavor this month: “Classic Root Beer.”

The new flavor was launched through the brand’s direct-to-consumer platform at drinkolipop.com and is an e-comm exclusive until January 2020, when the first retailers will carry the new flavor. Amongst those: Fred Meyer (exclusive for the Pacific Northwest).

OLIPOP is building a reputation for improving digestive health through the familiar taste experience of soda, and in the 14 months since its launch has become one of the most talked-about, best-selling beverage brands at natural foods retailers Erewhon and Whole Foods Market. OLIPOP, which arrives at cult grocery chain Wegman’s in January 2020, is already available at over 800 retail locations in the western half of the US.

OLIPOP’s drinks support digestive health with a proprietary formulation called OLISMART, a blend of functional ingredients including Jerusalem artichoke, kudzu root, slippery elm bark and calendula flower, none of which you’ll find in a traditional, sugary soda drink. All OLIPOP beverages are certified non-GMO, have no added sugars, are gluten-free, vegan and paleo-diet compliant.

“Our goal has always been to meet consumers where they are and not shame them for doing something they love. We don’t want to take away anything from the soda experience, other than to make it one that benefits your health rather than damaging it,” says OLIPOP co-founder David Lester. “Root beer is an American classic that brings back childhood memories of summer days sharing ice cream floats. We love combining those familiar and nostalgic feelings with an ingredient list that benefits digestive health.”

Each OLIPOP flavor has a familiar, often iconic taste profile, including the brand’s best-selling Strawberry Vanilla, which formulator and OLIPOP co-founder Ben Goodwin created to replicate the taste of an indulgent strawberry creamsicle. Its Cinnamon Cola flavor is a modern take on a classic, and Ginger Lemon combines  two long-time favored ingredients.

All OLIPOP digestive tonics are sold in a 12 fl. oz. aluminum can with a suggested retail price of $2.49/unit. For more information visit drinkolipop.com.

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