Organic Traditions Launches Two New Instant Latte Flavors

TORONTO— Organic Traditions, a leader in organic, natural superfood products, has announced the addition of two new flavors to its Instant Latte product line. The new flavors include Yerba Mate Mint and CBD + Golden Mylk Turmeric, joining the line’s current Instant Latte varieties.

The Yerba Mate Mint Instant Latte is coconut-based and blends together two organic traditional teas for a truly powerful drink. It combines aromatic yerba mate from South America with premium matcha from Japan to provide rich taste and incredible nutrition. The product is also dairy-free, keto, vegan, and quality fats, with one billion dairy-free, shelf and heat stable Bacillus Coagulans probiotics per serving.

The CBD + Golden Mylk Turmeric Instant Latte combines a complete range of THC-free cannabinoids in each serving, including CBD, THCV, CBDV and CBG. The latte packs a potent blend of other medicinal compounds including terpenes and flavonoids, as well as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, saffron and dairy-free, shelf and heat stable Bacillus Coagulans probiotics. It is also coconut-based, vegan, keto and dairy-free.

“Our Instant Latte product line is an easy, convenient way for people to enjoy a delicious beverage with added benefits that promote health and wellness,” said Alexandra Mamalider of Organic Traditions. “We’re excited to add our two exciting new flavors to the collection.”

Family-owned and operated, Organic Traditions has over 100 superfood products and offers the most complete range of Certified Organic and unique functional blends for a broad array of health benefits. The company’s Instant Latte product line has four existing flavors, including Turmeric, Matcha, Chocolate, and Beet. The entire latte line is vegan, all you have to do is add hot or cold water.

The new Instant Latte flavors will be available online at October 14, 2019.

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