Sip City Rebrands to Sunomi Switchel

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Washington, D.C. based switchel company, Sip City, has rebranded to Sunōmi Switchel. Sunōmi, loosely translated, means vinegar drink in Japanese. In addition to the new name, Sunōmi Switchel is fully transitioning to 100% recyclable aluminum cans, and is debuting a new look for the sparkling switchel line (photos attached).

Switchel has long been celebrated for its health benefits, such as replenishing electrolytes and easing inflammation. Sunōmi Switchel, made with apple cider vinegar, honey, citrus and ginger, is a lower-sugar, lower-calorie, all-natural alternative to traditional sodas, sports drinks, mocktails and cocktail mixers. Sunōmi Switchel’s new packaging appeals to a broad audience, and is currently available at independent retailers throughout the DMV area.

Sunōmi Switchel was founded by Nikki Blank, in response to the work hard, play hard culture she saw as prevalent in our nation’s capital (and all over the country). Blank, who first started making switchel for herself as an on-the-go gut health drink, quickly realized that her recipe could benefit a broad spectrum of consumers looking for healthier alternatives. As the non-alcoholic space continues to grow, Blank sees switchel as an approachable and complex option for those looking for zero proof options, or those looking for a cleaner ingredient list in a sports drink or soda-alternative.

Sunōmi Switchel’s new branding and name celebrate and honor the global tradition of drinking vinegar. Blank says, “For as long as humans have been making and drinking alcohol, they’ve been making and drinking vinegar. The recipe for switchel can be traced back to Ancient Greece, and switchel has been a popular drinking vinegar in the United States since the 1700s.”

The new Sunōmi Switchel sparkling line features the same beloved flavors as the Sip City cans. The Lemon is a tangy, refreshing lemonade with a kick. Turmeric features a bold spice profile, with turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cayenne and orange. And Orange incorporates juiced orange for a fruitier and more citrus based profile. The carbonation adds a dimension of complexity to beverages, and appeals to those who crave bubbles.

Blank has been developing the new name and branding for about a year, and believes that the new cans will stand out on shelves, and appeal to even more consumers.

“The new branding allows us to continue to grow and scale in the non-alcoholic, functional beverage space. We’re seeing that consumers are looking for better-for-you options, whether they’re recovering from a workout, drinking a cocktail, or abstaining from alcohol for whatever the reason may be.” Blank continued, “We’re so proud of the simplicity of our ingredient list, the complexity and balance of our taste, and the approachability of our packaging.”

Sunōmi Switchel plans to add more SKUs in their carbonated product line, and to expand their reach through online sales and regional distribution in 2019.

Sunōmi Switchel is currently available to local retailers in the DMV area.

For more information about Sunōmi Switchel, please visit their website.