SOS Hydration Launches in CVS Stores Nationwide

SAN FRANCISCO— SOS Hydration, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with CVS Pharmacy, with two great tasting flavors (watermelon and citrus) of the 10-pack box of SOS, now available in 4,400 CVS locations.

Since 1963 CVS has been one of the most trusted names throughout the United States, with 8 out of 10 Americans living within 10 miles of a CVS. Research has shown that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, while SOS has been developed to be as effective as an IV Drip for combatting mild to moderate dehydration.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of being properly hydrated, and the negative impact that unnecessary amounts of sugar has on our overall health”, said James Mayo, CEO and Co-Founder of SOS Hydration. “The CVS partnership allows us to bring the best hydration and electrolyte product to as many people as possible”.

SOS is based on best in-class independent research and matches the global standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), but with lower sugar and faster water accelerating properties.  The key differentiator to other ORS drink mixes is that SOS further adapted the WHO standards for daily use and active lifestyles by blending the formula with research garnered from the American College of Sports Medicine on dehydration to more effectively balance electrolyte concentrations.

About SOS

SOS was developed by a Gastrointestinal physician and two-former professional athletes, one of whom is a veteran. 3x More Electrolytes, 6x Less Sugar, and 6x Less Calories than sports drinks.  1/3 the sugar of other oral rehydration solutions. Keto certified by Paleo foundation and non-GMO. Scientifically Tested – Independently Tested and supported by research. For more information about SOS Hydration, visit: