Sweet Reason Beverage Co. Rolls Out E-Commerce Platform

NEW YORK— Toronto and New York-based beverage brand, Sweet Reason Beverage Co., has officially launched U.S. e-commerce on their website, in addition to a recent debut at all Dean & DeLuca locations in New York City.

The brand, founded and led by Hilary McCain, launched their trio of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) infused sparkling waters in December 2018.

“Sweet Reason is exactly the beverage I want to drink everyday. It’s delicious, refreshing and comes in a beautiful glass bottle. And it’s healthy on all fronts – Sweet Reason has the benefits of CBD, simple ingredients and no sugar or sweeteners. We are so happy that consumers love the product as much as we do,” said McCain, founder and CEO.

Each 12 oz. bottle of Sweet Reason contains 7mg of pure hemp CBD with no sugar, sweeteners, carbs, sodium or artificial ingredients and only five calories. Sweet Reason is available at over 150 retail stores mostly in New York and retails for $6.99 per bottle. The beverages are also available online with free shipping across the continental United States.

Sweet Reason has launched with a flavor for every occasion:

  • Grapefruit: The grapefruit plant is the original hybrid – the semi-sweet lovechild of the orange and the pomelo. Every sip delivers a bright citrus flavor for a truly refreshing timeout.
  • Cucumber + Mint: A bubbly combination of cucumber and a hint of mint provides a crisp and refreshing way to reset your perspective.
  • Strawberry + Lavender: Strawberry and lavender is that curious flavor combo that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. We think it smells like spring and tastes like summer – the perfect way to unwind your mind.

Sweet Reason Beverage Co. uses CBD isolate (100 percent pure CBD) in their products, because CBD is one of the most well-researched cannabinoids. Using pure CBD isolate creates a consistent, high quality product every single time, with health benefits including calming the mind, reducing random stress and easing discomfort.

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About Sweet Reason Beverage Co. 

Founder and CEO Hilary McCain started Sweet Reason Beverage Co. to make hemp beverages that focused on three pillars: health, taste and quality. The product is a naturally flavored CBD-infused sparkling water with no sugar, sweeteners, carbs, sodium or artificial ingredients. McCain and her team spent the better part of a year finding the best water-soluble CBD on the market. It was a labor of love, but resulted in a tasteless CBD from organic hemp that is highly bioavailable and does not require added sugar or sweeteners to mask the flavor. Prior to Sweet Reason Beverage Co., McCain was president of Riverview Capital, a consumer-focused Search Fund based in Toronto. Her career has been focused on strategy and management consulting, including time at the Boston Consulting Group and Chobani. She has her MBA from Harvard Business School and her HBA from Ivey Business School.