True Water Announces Recycled BPA-Free Plastic Bottles

MIAMI— True Water is on a mission to keep our oceans clean by disposing of the carbon footprint of the bottled water manufacturing process. That is why it uses 100 percent recycled and BPA-free plastic.

On top of that, True Water innovated a hyper-efficient zero-waste production manufacturing process that meets the industries highest quality standards.

At True Water we purify through a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filtration process that provides safe, clean drinking water that is good for consumers and the environment.

We source our Spring Water from the protected springs in Monteverde and the Gulf Hammock in Florida.

Additionally, True Water regularly performs water quality reports and analysis to ensure we continue to deliver high-quality drinking water you can trust. That is why over 800 environmentally-conscious grocery stores, hotels, cruise lines and schools trust true water and deliver it to their consumers.

Our mission is simple, engage in business responsibly by enabling positive change through eco-friendly and a sustainability first approach to production and manufacturing.

We believe our growth and success has come because we put our consumers and the environment first. Every month we donate to charities, events and homeless shelters to provide life nourishing water to those in need.

True Water’s mission and values motivate us to continue to innovate, grow, donate and deliver eco-friendly bottled water that is 100 percent recycled and BPA free.