Uncle Matt’s Organic Celebrates 20th Anniversary

CLERMONT, Fla.— Uncle Matt’s Organic, the nation’s number one selling brand of organic orange juice, announced the kickoff of their 20th anniversary of growing and producing organic juices at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California last week. Since 1999, Uncle Matt’s has been passionately committed to organic farming, and the company is thrilled to be a pioneer in the growing organic marketplace.

“As the founder of Uncle Matt’s, I am humbled and honored that so many have stood behind us and supported our brand since 1999,” said Matt McLean, founder of Uncle Matt’s. “It seems like yesterday that my grandfather, ‘Pappy,’ shared his roots in organic farming, and after that breakfast table a-ha moment, I decided to start Uncle Matt’s. Today, I’m proud to be surrounded by farmers, manufacturers and other entrepreneurs who are committed to changing our food landscape, one acre at a time.”

“Producing organic juice without harmful pesticides is the authentically clean experience our customers expect and demand from the leading organic juice company in the U.S.,” added McLean. “We recently became the first juice company certified by The Detox Project as free of any glyphosate residue. We are the first and only major OJ brand in the U.S. to do this.”

Uncle Matt’s is also excited to announce the company’s first foray into the frozen channel, introducing a line of organic probiotic popsicles. Produced without cane sugar and containing real organic fruit, these delicious popsicles will contain one billion probiotics per serving and will be available in three delicious flavors: orange mango, strawberry and cherry.

“Parents have realized that immunity is supported in the gut, and this is another tasty vehicle for boosting the body’s healthy microbiota in a fun, enjoyable treat containing no cane sugar, no preservatives and no GMOs. Plus, as a mom myself, I feel great about supplying a healthy, functional alternative for snacking,” said Susan McLean, marketing manager for Uncle Matt’s.

About Uncle Matt’s Organic

Uncle Matt’s Organic is the nation’s oldest organic orange juice company offering premium quality organic beverages. All Uncle Matt’s products have no synthetic additives or preservatives and contain no GMOs. Uncle Matt’s products are available nationwide in fine retailers and health foods stores. Uncle Matt’s is an active member of Organic Trade Association (OTA) and supports the Organic Farming Research Foundation. To learn more visit unclematts.com or join the community on Facebook at facebook.com/unclematts or Instagram at instagram.com/unclemattsorganic