18.21 Drinks Opens Crowdfunding Investment Campaign

ATLANTA, Ga. — 18.21 Drinks, the parent company of 18.21 Bitters and CNBS, has launched a crowd-investing campaign with Republic. The startup has raised over $100,000 from dozens of investors in just a few days and will keep the round open until the end of the year.

Founded by 18.21 Bitters Founders Missy & Kristin Koefod, 18.21 Drinks manufacture, under the 1821 Bitters label, cocktail mixers and spiked seltzers and under the CNBS label is launching manufacturing of cannabis beverages. This is the first time in it’s 6 year history that 18.21 is open to investment.

“We’re thrilled that so many people — many of whom are our 18.21 customers — support our mission growth and creating elevated drinking experiences,” said Koefod. “Inviting our customers to be investors is fantastic because it brings us into a paradigm of being a brand supported by the people who truly believe in us and helped to build our brand over the past six years.”

18.21 Drinks has bootstrapped to profitability year over year since their inception in 2014 and is available in 48 states and 6 countries.

The campaign will help fund production to meet current demand and expand our distribution and sales footprint, including an expansion into South America.

Investors receive perks such as gift certificates, complimentary limited edition products, and private virtual cocktail classes. Investment amounts start at as little as $100.

Republic operates a family of businesses, including an investment platform that provides retail investors around the world with compliant access to curated startups and blockchain projects. Founded in 2016, Republic operates under U.S. equity crowdfunding regulations and is under the supervision of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

About 18.21 Drinks

18.21 Drinks is a Delaware C Corp and the parent company of 18.21 Bitters, a cocktail mixer and spiked seltzer brand, and CNBS, a cannabis beverage brand. Missy & Kristin founded 18.21 Bitters in 2014 after Missy beat a rare and aggressive form of cancer. They started at a small commercial kitchen and sold bitters bar to bar and within 4 months, left their jobs to focus on 18.21 full time. Over the past 6 years, the company has evolved from a bitters and mixer company to a company that focuses on carbonated beverages and are opening up into the cannabis beverage and spiked beverage market.

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