Blue Stripes Launches Direct-to-Consumer Whole Cacao CPG Line

NEW YORK– Launching September 15th, Blue Stripes is the new direct-to-consumer wellness brand using the underrated cacao fruit to create innovative and delicious offerings of whole cacao creations, healthy snacks, hydrating beverages and delectable treats. Created by the founder of international chocolate restaurant chain Max Brenner, Oded Brenner, Blue Stripes is a revolutionary product line of wholesome and innovative cacao fruit offerings for purchase online and at select retailers.

World-renowned chocolatier, Brenner’s journey with cacao began 25 years ago and culminated in a trip to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, where he fell in love with the natural power of the whole cacao fruit. A true superfood, cacao fruit is loaded with nutrients like Theobromine, antioxidants, electrolytes and Vitamin B complex, and is known to aid in digestion, increase serotonin, promote a healthy heart and more. Now, Brenner is on a mission to harness the whole cacao—shell, fruit, beans—to maximize its benefits and promote holistic wellness through an array of food & beverage products for any part of the day—from breakfast, pre-and post-workout, to dessert.

“I am thrilled to finally share Blue Stripes, an urban cacao wellness brand, with the world and showcase the diversity of the whole cacao fruit,” said Oded Brenner. “Typically, purveyors waste 70% of the fruit however, each of our Blue Stripes products uses everything from the beans to the shell and the fruit, utilizing every aspect of the crop to sustainably create delicious innovations – benefitting the consumer, farmer and the planet. Offerings within the proprietary line bringing a new kind of wellness brand to life include Cacao Water, 100% Cacao Hazelnut Butter, Superfood Cacao Shell Bread Mix and Ancient Cacao Bars.”

Highlights of the new Blue Stripes line include (but are not limited to):

  • Cacao Water: Antioxidant plant-based water made from cacao fruit available in three varieties: Just Cacao; Cascara Coffee & Cinnamon; Chili, Lime & Cardamom (*Non-GMO, no added sugar, GF, Vegan, Paleo)
  • Superfood Cacao Shell Flour Bread Mix: Superfood boost for gluten-free cacao bread made with extra cacao nibs, 100% cacao chocolate & dried cacao fruit.  (*No added sugar, GF, Vegan)
  • 100% Cacao Hazelnut Butter: Nutella, but make it healthy.  Sugar-free, no palm oil & full of cacao’s natural benefits. (*Sugar free, GF, Vegan, Keto)
  • Cacao Fruit Sugar: Superfood boost for energy shakes, granola bowls, baking, parfaits & more (*Non-GMO, No added sugar, GF, Vegan)
  • Keto Dessert Bites & Energy Snack: Sugar free sweet treat & pre/post workout superfood energy boost. (*Non-GMO, Sugar free, GF, Vegan, Keto)
  • Cacao Espresso: High in energy, low in caffeine, mix this Theobromine-rich 100% cacao espresso powder with boiling water for longer lasting energy, without the jitters. (*Dairy and Sugar free)

Blue Stripes is now available on and select retailers across NYC. Follow the Blue Stripes cacao journey on Instagram.

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