Goldthread Launches New Berry Power Plant-Based Tonic

SANTA MONICA, Calif.– Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics, the company founded by clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist, and licensed acupuncturist William Siff, announced they will expand their innovative and health-enhancing line of functional tonics with the adaptogen focused Berry Power. Berry Power improves adaptation to stress, improves recovery and resilience, and increases energy and endurance.Like all tonics in the Goldthread line, Berry Power is made with 14,000 milligrams of whole herbs per bottle.

Berry Power is formulated primarily with adaptogens, though it is also packed with super herbs and spices to enhance both the flavor and efficacy of the blend. Adaptogens have been shown to act as a buffer for the negative effects of stress by creating resiliency, reducing fatigue, boosting immunity, improving mood, helping with cognition and deepening sleep. So, it’s no wonder these powerhouses of the plant world are having such a moment.

“Especially in times like these where people are increasingly dealing with higher amounts of stress, Berry Power, and adaptogens in general, are essential to add to your daily routine or lifestyle,” said William Siff, founder of Goldthread.

This highly functional and refreshing tonic gets its name from its primary ingredient – Schisandra Berry – which gives the tonic its color and tangy taste. Formulated with a range of other adaptogens including Korean Ginseng, Goji berries and Tulsi, Berry Power is a full spectrum adaptogenic tonic.

Not all Schisandra berries on the market today are created equal, and the potency can vary dramatically depending on the region and conditions of origin and cultivation. With two decades of clinical experience in Plant based Medicine, Siff is a leading expert in his field and has a passion for identifying and sourcing the most potent plants from pristine places around the world. Goldthread sources it’s Schisandra from a fourth-generation family farm in the mountains of South Korea where they are at their peak of perfection and full of the functional phytoneutrients that are so famous for optimizing health.

“The Schisandra Berry is also called the ‘five-flavor berry’ in Asia where it originated, because it contains all of the five primary tastes that the body requires in order to be healthy,” Siff adds. “It’s one of Asian medicine’s most well-known, loved and revered adaptogens for enhancing overall health.”

Siff is an expert practitioner of Asian and Ayurvedic medicine with over 20 years’ experience working with thousands of individuals and groups to successfully incorporate plant-based medicine into their lives. He created Goldthread Plant Based Tonics to bring the world’s most potent plants to people across the country. For more information onBerry Power and Goldthreads’ eight other formulations, please visit

About Goldthread

Goldthread was created with a mission to inspire people to drink more plants. Founded over 15 years ago as an apothecary and herb farm in Western Massachusetts, the plant based tonic company has since expanded its focus as the first of its kind in an entirely new category of healthy, refreshing and functional beverages. At the forefront is Goldthread founder & formulator, William Siff, who has over 20 years’ experience in the natural health and wellness world as a clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist and licensed acupuncturist. Each bottle of Goldthread is packed with 14 grams of super-herbs, spices and adaptogens that are synergistically sourced from around the world. All nine varieties are expertly formulated to ensure you receive the functional benefits of each ingredient while enjoying a refreshing & delicious beverage you can feel good about. Goldthread is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and is certified Non-GMO with organic and vegan ingredients. Goldthread is currently offered in 12 oz bottles at select retailers nationwide. For more information please visit

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