LGND Inc. Partners with Tenace Incubation for Distribution in Southern California

LOS ANGELES— LGND Inc., the producer of the natural nootropic performance beverages LGND Original and LGND Silk, is partnering with Tenace Incubation for distribution in Southern California. The partnership will target distribution to independent locations.

“Tenace Incubation has a small expert team with deep knowledge of the industry, proven experience in sales and the entrepreneurial spirit we are looking for in people we work with. We could not be happier about forming this partnership,” Joakim Stuart, CEO of LGND Inc. said of the agreement.

Tenace Incubation is a distributor that caters to beverage startups, focusing on the top independent stores in So-Cal.

“The partnership fits our strategy well, there is a great variety of outlets. Tenace will give us invaluable insights into the consumption patterns of our consumers in the area and help us grow” said Sebastian Westman, founder and head of Sales at LGND.

About LGND 

LGND Inc. was founded by Sebastian Westman, as a response to a lack of alternatives when you want performance in other areas than exercise. “I was struggling with finding a drink that would help me through those days when focus and energy levels eluded me at work, maintaining the right level of energy and concentration over time is hard.” Taking an engineer’s approach to the problem Sebastian decided to set up a team and create LGND.

With Sebastian’s vision as the lodestar LGND has created a natural nootropic performance drink meant to aid for long term well-being and performance while also providing an increase in energy and alertness directly after consumption.  The current line-up has two flavors, a fresh grapefruit and ginger called “Silk” and with a spicy twist called “Original”. Instead of creating a short energy spike from sugar and caffeine, LGND was created to give the user focus and alertness over a longer period of time using a small amount of caffeine derived from green tea and guarana together with Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-GPC to give the consumer the right energy curve. Ingredients like citicoline and bacopa monnieri aid user’s memory and learning abilities long term while chicory root, a prebiotic fiber, has been added for gut health. Both editions have only 30 calories and vegan friendly.

For more information, distribution requests and orders contact sales@drink-lgnd.com

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