Moonlight Beverage Company Launches Wingman Smart Energy

BOULDER, Colo.– Carl and Kristin Schroeder, founders of Moonlight Beverage Co., have announced the launch of Wingman Smart Energy– a daily performance beverage that harnesses the power of amino acids to increase exercise capacity. Aimed at individuals aged 35+, the beverages promise to ‘take ten years off your workout while supporting your heart, body and mind.’

“We see an opportunity to support an under-served population in the energy/performance beverage market. Most energy drinks target teens/early 20s and rely on high levels of caffeine to give people an artificial rush. Our Wingman brand delivers energy in a scientifically-sound, health-enhancing way,” said Moonlight Beverage CEO and Co-Founder Kristin Schroeder. “Wingman actually activates the body’s own mechanisms through a proprietary blend of amino acids to boost nitric oxide levels, Cognizin® and B vitamins and moderate caffeine levels. The bonus is that an entire can contains only 15 calories.”

Wingman Smart Energy™ will be available nationally through Europa Sports Products and Colorado-based Stone Sales and Marketing beginning in April. It will also be offered via and at The five delicious flavors include Citrus, Cranberry Lime, Unicorn, Tropical Mango and Very Berry.

Carl Schroeder, President and Co-Founder, added, “I think it’s rare to find a great-tasting product that does something as valuable as improving blood flow – I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Wingman Smart Energy™ – The Daily Performance Beverage – was created with the vision of educating the world about nitric oxide, coined the “Miracle Molecule” by Nobel Prize-winning chemists and pharmacologists for its key role in cardiovascular health.  As the brand and products have continued to advance, the following processes are utilized to boost exercise capacity and enhance the heart, body and mind:

  • Blood flow is optimized by boosting Nitric Oxide levels with 8,000 mg of free-form amino acids
  • Ribose powers up ATP production for energy at the cellular level while a moderate 160 mg natural caffeine kickstarts the body into action
  • Cognizin® and B Vitamins sharpen the mind and boost creativity, memory and motivation

About Moonlight Beverage Company

Based in Boulder, CO, Moonlight Beverage Company – the brainchild of co-founders Kristin and Carl Schroeder – produces and markets Wingman Smart Energy™ and Love Life® enhanced beverages containing amino acids.  With a mission to provide the world with beverage products that lead to better health and improve quality of life, Moonlight Beverage strives to help people worldwide understand the importance of nitric oxide and how this naturally-occurring molecule can substantially improve cardiovascular health. For more information, visit

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