NOOMA Announces First Line Extension, Organic Pre-Workout Drink

CLEVELAND, Ohio– NOOMA, makers of the popular organic real-ingredient sports drink, announced their first product line extension with the launch of an organic pre-workout drink. The pre-workout comes in 12 oz sleek cans in four flavors: Dragon Fruit, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Mango, and Tangerine. Each drink has 15 calories, no added sugar, 120mg of caffeine, and a performance-boosting adaptogen blend that includes ginseng, maca, cordyceps, and ashwagandha.

According to co-founder Jarred Smith, the product was developed in response to a personal need and listening to the needs of current customers. He stated, “As we looked at the RTD pre-workout space we saw a landscape that reminded us of what we saw when we looked at the sports drink category back when we launched our original product in 2013. There was a product that we really wanted but couldn’t find anything we loved.” The pre-workout follows the same product philosophy as the sports drink: organic and real ingredients, highly functional, and great taste without added sugars. With this, the team felt there was a real opportunity. “Then when we started asking our customers for the types of products they were interested in, pre-workout really stood out.” said Smith.

NOOMA did a soft launch of the pre-workout in late 2019 in order to gather feedback and make improvements. Co-founder Brandon Smith reported that feedback on the product as a whole has been extremely encouraging. “We keep hearing things like, ‘The ingredients are amazing, this is nothing like typical pre-workouts’ and ‘I actually feel great after drinking it’ so we’re definitely excited to keep building awareness and reaching more people.”

The team’s initial distribution strategy is focused on direct-to-consumer channels, wholesale (gyms, studios, and wellness facilities), and their growing foodservice business. According to Brandon, “We have a passionate group of customers and our focus is delivering this product to those same people. We’re seeing amazing product adoption numbers on our website and with our wholesale partners.” The company is open to retail opportunities but they are taking a selective approach to growth in this channel.

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NOOMA was founded by brothers Jarred and Brandon Smith, both former professional hockey players, in 2013. Sick of the sugar-packed, artificial sports drinks they’d been given their whole lives, the two decided to challenge the norms of the industry and create something better. Today, NOOMA makes and markets two products, a sports hydration drink and pre-workout energy drink. The brand follows a product philosophy of making drinks that use only organic and real ingredients, are highly functional, and have great taste without added sugars. Every drink is organic, plant-based, and keto-friendly. As a certified B Corp, the NOOMA team is on a mission to help and empower people to be the best, healthiest versions of themselves. NOOMA products can be found in 1,000s of grocery stores and gyms across the country.

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