ShineWater Rolls Across Michigan with Complete Kroger Expansion

BAY CITY, Mich.– ShineWater, Michigan’s own fastest-growing water brand announces more exciting expansion plans for the state of Michigan. All of the brand’s innovative, vibrant flavors can now be found at every Kroger location across Michigan.

Since assuming new ownership last fall, ShineWater management has begun assembling a  team of industry veterans to build on this unprecedented momentum in the retail landscape. Additionally, they recently debuted all-new branding and label designs that mirror the high-quality formula and flavors inside of the bottles. The Kroger announcement is the next bold step in their journey to national distribution along with new Southeastern U.S. distribution plans detailing expansion to 1200+ Publix locations, and upcoming major chain partnership launches with Circle K, Wesco, Sunrise Convenience Stores, and Forward Corp.

“Given the events of this year, consumers are driving a renewed interest in products that offer vitamin and nutrient benefits that help your body shine!,” said ShineWater Owner, Rod Hildebrant. “It’s an ongoing trend that is influencing company strategies and determining which products retailer chains choose to carry,” he said. “We are proud that our innovative hydration beverages will be available at an outstanding retailer like Kroger– who has inspired customer loyalty for decades by providing their customers with value, quality, and convenience.”

Kroger, one of the world’s largest retailers, has 2800 stores spanning 35 states, with 120+ locations in Michigan alone. Fan demand has driven this explosive growth, and now, Kroger shoppers across Michigan will spot a variety of flavors—Poma-Grape, Strawberry Lemon, Peach Mango, and Kiwi Cucumber featured in multiple floor displays as part of Kroger’s popular ‘Discover Local’ program.  Two new flavors are in the works, but the team isn’t releasing the juicy details just yet.  These new flavor fusions should hit shelves in September of 2020.

“Working with the Kroger team at both the division and store level has been an amazing experience.” Says Larry Long, Chief Operating Officer.   “We love seeing consumers try us for the first time and instantly becoming loyal customers.  Kroger has long been dedicated to bringing their customers best in class products.  And we feel we are at the top of that list. National distribution within the Kroger enterprise is the goal and Michigan is our first step.”

About ShineWater

Headquartered in Bay City, Michigan, ShineWater combines health science with bold and unique flavor to deliver an industry-disrupting, powerful hydration beverage. Founded by a physician as a healthier alternative in a market saturated with high sugar drinks, ShineWater is created with consumers in mind, promoting optimum health without any compromise.

ShineWater comes in four bold, tart-forward flavors: Poma-Grape, Strawberry Lemon, Peach Mango, and Kiwi Cucumber, and every flavor is packed with meaningful amounts of nutrients, electrolytes, and key vitamins, including a full serving of Vitamin D. No added sugar and no artificial ingredients—you’ll love how good it tastes almost as much as you love how great you feel.

As a mission-driven company, ShineWater strives to impact people beyond their distribution footprint. A portion of all sales are donated to their social partner, OneWorld Health, a company devoted to partnering with communities in developing countries to bring permanent, sustainable healthcare to the chronically underserved.

Proudly made in the U.S.A—ShineWater’s team is ambitiously working toward product coverage nationwide. Interested in selling or distributing ShineWater? Call the team at 989-891-6513 or email

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